Advent by Candlelight

Advent by Candlelight is an event to help women focus on Christ during the busy holiday season.

It can be designed as an outreach to the community or an opportunity to encourage believers.
Through narration, readings, prayer, and music, Christ will shine as the Savior.
Flexibility makes this an excellent ministry tool!

How do you start?

Talk to your pastor! Gather a few ladies to help with music, narration, decorating or hosting tables and set a date.
Check out the Complete Planning Guide for Advent by Candlelight

Trust that God will always bless the proclamation of His Word

Enjoy creating a beautiful ambiance, but know that the power is in the message of the Gospel.

Advent by Candlelight – Planner’s Forum Webinar

Women’s Ministry recently held an online webinar to talk through what works in different congregation settings, tactics on how to overcome obstacles, and things to do to be outreach-minded.

Watch the archived webinar to catch up if you missed it, or to review important pieces of information you may want to hear again.

What Does It Look Like?

Check out some pictures of what Advent by Candlelight looks like around the Synod.

Visit the Resource Center for services and planning resources.

Lent by Candlelight

Lent by Candlelight provides another opportunity to encourage your sisters in Christ with the Word of God! Or might this be a chance to reach out into your communities to people who don’t know about the message of the Savior? Share Christ with those around you!

View the Lent by Candlelight services on the resource center.


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