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Please explain how come sometimes we will stand for the readings during church service and other times we will not. Pastor says, "Out of respect for Jesus' words, please stand." But another reading will be from the Bible, etc. and we will not stand. Thanks!

Christian Worship: Manual, the “handbook” for our hymnal, explains: “The congregation stands for the reading of the Gospel. In the past soldiers put down their weapons and kings removed their crowns when the Gospel was read. Christ—his life, his words of law and gospel, his suffering, his death, his resurrection, his ascension, his assignment to Continued.

I have an old Bible from grade school that is of no use to me (it has been torn up and written over). Is there a proper, respectful way to dispose of a used Bible?

There are different proper, respectful ways of disposing of a used Bible, but there is no specified way. I have heard and read of people burying their used Bibles and others recycling them so that the pages can be turned into something new and useful (perhaps another Bible). The approaches to disposing of a used Continued.

How do I know the Bible is the Word of God?

This is an extremely important question. “Because the Bible says it’s God’s Word” is the short answer, but one that most people won’t be satisfied with. It’s certainly true that the Bible says it is God’s Word (2 Peter 1:20, 21). Just think of how many prophetic books in the Bible begin with, “The word Continued.

Critics of Christians will often quote the Old Testament as the current law. I would like to be able to direct people to verses or chapters in the Bible that let everyone know this is no longer correct. Where can I start?

Others have shared your experience:  you post a comment on Facebook or another kind of discussion forum on what the Bible says about marriage or homosexuality, and someone else replies:  “Why don’t you stone adulterers while you’re at it?  And why are you wearing clothes made out of two different kinds of material?”  Those questions Continued.

Who were the nephilim mentioned in Genesis 6:1-4? Were they offspring of fallen angels or fallen human children of God? And how did the Nephilim survive the Flood?

These verses have generated more than their share of imaginative interpretations and have become a breeding ground for fantastic speculation. Thanks for allowing us to review options and offer comments. More Bizarre but Less Likely Option The less plausible yet persistently popular idea is that Genesis 6 is talking about fallen angels (“sons of God”) Continued.

Do I have to believe the whole Bible?

Your chest feels as if an elephant is dancing on it. You’re gasping for air. Sweat is glistening on your face. You are in the emergency room of a hospital. Nurses are hooking wires all over your chest. Another nurse is searching for a vein to start an I.V. Another nurse is putting a small Continued.

Who wrote the Bible?

Picture this: the CEO of the company is dictating a letter to the secretary. As the CEO speaks, the secretary takes down every word. When the CEO is done, it’s clearly the CEO’s letter. At the same time, the secretary’s abilities, skills, etc., are sure to show through. For example, if the secretary has poor Continued.

Can you tell me anything about the Book of Enoch?

There are actually three books of Enoch. The second currently exists only in Old Church Slavonic, and theories about its origin place it anywhere from the 1st century BC to the 10th century AD (Nobody knows, in other words). The third is very late, and seems to have been written in Hebrew in Babylonia in Continued.

In 1 Chronicles 22: 7-8 we read that the Lord denied David the right to build a house unto his name because, and I quote: "You have shed blood abundantly and have made great wars: you shall not build a house unto my name because you have shed much blood upon the earth in my sight." If we read Chronicles, it is evident that David had the support and encouragement of the Lord to wage his wars against the enemies of Israel. Is this denial then not a contradiction....? Your insight, please. Thank you.

David definitely did have “the support and encouragement of the Lord to wage his wars against the enemies of Israel.”  Scripture tells us that David “became more and more powerful, because the LORD God Almighty was with him” (2 Samuel 5:10).  When David wondered about waging war against the Philistines, the LORD assured him:  “Go, Continued.

Hello. God promised Abraham (and Isaac and Jacob) that his descendants will become as many as you see the stars in the sky. The covenant was made between God and Abraham to inherit the land of Canaan. My question is that Abraham was considered a righteous man but the Church has replaced the promise: Replacement Theology. What Scriptures support this? Thank you for your time. I hope you will be able to answer my question.

Some people use the term “Replacement Theology” to mean that the Christian Church has “replaced” Israel as God’s chosen people.  Other people use that term to maintain that God cannot possibly abandon Israel and so he will establish an earthly kingdom for Israel during the millennium. Romans 9-11 helps us understand things correctly.  That section Continued.

I don't understand how Lutheran theologians reconcile James 3:9 and Gen 9:6 with the idea the image of God is completely lost in the fall. It makes more sense to me that the image became corrupted, as opposed to completely lost. How do WELS pastors interpret James 3:9 and Genesis 9:6?

Being created in the image of God meant that Adam and Eve were holy, they had perfect knowledge of God’s will, and their wills were entirely aligned with God’s will. After the fall into sin, the Bible tells us Adam had a child in his likeness and image, not God’s (Genesis 5:1-3). Since the fall Continued.

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