Women’s Ministry Conference – July 18-20, 2019

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This year’s conference will highlight God’s design and purpose for the Christian woman in our society today. From openly speaking about Jesus at work or on the college campus, to reaching out in love to another generation, to working with others in God’s kingdom, each woman is uniquely and purposefully in that place by God’s design. 

Even when it’s difficult. Even when it’s lonely. Even when it doesn’t make sense.

With God’s Word, this conference will nurture, encourage and equip you to see how God intends for you to thrive in the unique situation He has placed you.

Venue and Transportation

Luther Preparatory School

Luther Preparatory School

1300 Western Avenue, Watertown, Wisconsin

Women’s Ministry is excited to host the 2019 Conference at Luther Prep! If you’ve never been to their campus, you will be delighted! The beautiful chapel, spacious gymnasium, dormitories and many classrooms have proven to be the perfect setting for our ever-growing conference!

Transportation between MKE airport and LPS:
LPS is providing a shuttle to and from the Milwaukee airport and it costs $15 one way/$30 round trip. If you would like more information or want to sign up contact Cindy Krause at krausecl@lps.wels.net .  Payment will be taken when you check in at the conference and ONLY CHECKS will be accepted. Make check payable to WELS and write WM Conference Shuttle on the memo line.


The schedule includes 4 main addresses and your choice of 6 breakout sessions.

Thursday, July 18

4:30 Registration

6:30 Welcome/Opening Address

7:45 Fellowship

Friday, July 19

8:00 Devotion/Keynote Address

9:30 Breakout Session: 45 min.

10:30 Breakout Session: 45 min.

11:30 Lunch

2:00 Presentation

3:15 Breakout Session: 45 min.

4:15 Breakout Session: 45 min.

6:00 Dinner

7:30 Fellowship

Saturday, July 20

7:00 Living Stones in Action-Networking

8:00 Devotion/Presentation

9:15 Breakout Session: 45 min.

10:15 Breakout Session: 45 min.

11:15 Closing Worship

12:30 Lunch/Living Stones in Action-Networking


Holiday Inn Express
101 Aviation Way
Watertown, WI 53094
(920) 262-1910
$135.99 for Thursday night, $149.99 for Friday night
Call hotel directly or make reservations at 1-800-Holiday
Book online at www.hiexpress.com/watertownwi
Enter arrival/departure and Group Code WLS

Main Addresses

 Pastor Mike Novotny – Opening Address

Precious to God: How the Gospel Changes Our Here & Now 

Many Christians see the gospel as a beautiful promise for the future, enabling them to enter heaven through faith in Jesus. While wonderfully true, the gospel is much more than that. The gospel is the answer to the here and now cravings of every human heart. We long to be constantly known, loved, chosen, precious, valuable, included, accepted, praised, befriended, and more. Through the gospel, Jesus has given us all of these blessings, not from a fickle world, but from the eternal God. This presentation hopes to open your eyes to the present beauty of the gospel, which increases our joy, peace, and contentment in life.

—Pastor Mike Novotny serves as one of the campus pastors of The CORE, an outreach-focused ministry in Appleton, Wisconsin, as well as the new lead speaker for Time of Grace Ministry. Pastor Mike married his first girlfriend, Kim, and now is the proud dad of Brooklyn and Maya. When not preaching or dating the three ladies in his life, he spends his time reading, podcasting, playing soccer, and running long distances. You can connect with Pastor Mike on Instagram @pastormikenovotny.

Naomi Schmidt – Keynote Address

God Uses All the Legos: Uniquely Designed and Perfectly Placed

In God’s holy plan, every person is perfectly designed and uniquely positioned to serve a holy purpose. God shapes us in the image of His Son and makes us a precious part of His spiritual house. Every part is needed and valued—even if we feel uncertain about how or where we fit in. None of us are like leftover or misused Legos. Instead, God lovingly and carefully positions us to thrive. He assures us of our holy calling even when we face hardship or loneliness. Every part fits and flourishes according to God’s plan—and that includes you. Come see the plan!

—Naomi Schmidt is a life-time student of the Word who loves connecting women with Scripture to help them apply Christ-centered truths with meaning and relevance. She teaches Bible study and writes devotions, prayers and Advent by Candlelight services. She enjoys encouraging women as she speaks at events and conferences, and serves on the WELS Women’s Ministry Executive Committee. Naomi recently published a personal and group bible study, “Ruth—Living in God’s Unfailing Faithfulness.” 

Rachel Fritz – Presentation

Excellence for Exiles: Reframing Stumbling Blocks

Christians in the world have work to do–God’s work! We will study how our everyday lives serve others and how in our service to others we are bringing praise and glory to our Heavenly Father.

—Rachel Fritz has been blessed to live out her active Christian life throughout the United States including Texas, Missouri, Nebraska and Iowa.  She currently resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and serves as pianist at Redemption, Christ and Christo congregations. She currently serves as COO at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music where she oversees all operations. She loves baseball, especially the Kansas City Royals, reading, and card making. She travels whenever she can (ask her about her trip to Egypt!) and is grateful for this opportunity to study 1 Peter.

Dawn Schulz – Presentation

Sacrifice Spiritually: Offering What’s Precious to God

For centuries God’s people related to Him through sacrifice. Every day, animals were brought to the temple for slaughter; their blood sprinkled and remains burned on the altar. Because of Jesus, this type of sacrifice is no longer necessary. However, Peter tells us we are “being built into a spiritual house to offer spiritual sacrifices.” What does that mean? And how does understanding that help me build God’s kingdom and bless those around me? This presentation looks at what it means to for New Testament Christians to sacrifice spiritually by offering what’s precious to God.

—Dawn Schulz lives in Delray Beach, FL where Joel, her husband of 21 years, serves as pastor of the new mission church. Her 3 children love coming home for family time over their breaks from MLC (Jonah) and Luther Prep School (Elijah, Moira). Although she has taught in the classroom, tutored at synod schools, and started a private piano studio, Dawn is currently working as campus coordinator for the 5 campuses of Divine Savior Church. This full life is increasingly blessed by the ministry opportunities Dawn has been given. From mentoring Christian women by doing life together to preparing Bible study, ABC, and retreat materials, she thoroughly enjoys encouraging women to live in the grace God gives by using their gifts as a blessing to others. This passion is what makes serving on the WELS Women’s Ministry Executive and Conference Planning teams such a joy. If you see her at the conference come say, “Hi!” She’d love to hear about the opportunities God is giving you to serve.

Break out sessions

Cost and Cancellation Policy

$100 | Student Rate

until May 30

$130 | Early Bird

until April 30

$150 | Regular

until June 30

Cancellations made by May 30, 2019, will receive a 100% refund. Cancellations made between June 1 and June 30 will receive a 50% refund of their registration fee. No refund available after June 30, 2019.

Registration and Contact Information

Registration will open in February 2019

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Devotions – Living Stones

A New Year

A new year means a new you, right? Out with the old. In with the new! New potential. A fresh start. A clean slate.

We love the idea of pushing the restart button and getting a “do-over”. At least that’s what we’re led to believe.

But what if we are exactly where we’re supposed to be? What if we are doing exactly what we’re supposed to be doing? What if the only change that needs to be made is to see God’s design from God’s perspective?

Peter knew that was exactly what the early Christians needed, so he wrote them a letter of encouragement we know as 1 Peter. Scattered throughout Asia Minor, God’s people were exiles. Because of their different culture, food, work, customs, political views, and religion they were “suffering grief in all kinds of trials” (I Peter 1:6). They were treated with ridicule, suspicion, and even persecution. I don’t care who you are, every exile is looking for a fresh start.

We might think Peter would encourage them to “blend in.” “Create the new you!” “Captain your ship, just don’t rock the boat!”

Instead, Peter greets them with grace and peace in Jesus. He lifts their eyes beyond the present circumstance to the future inheritance waiting for them in heaven. He reminds them their hope is “living” because it was bought with the precious blood of Christ. And he encourages them to continue living as strangers by setting their minds on the grace to be revealed when Jesus comes instead of conforming to the world around them.


Because there was much more going on than these Christians could see from their limited and isolated perspective. God was building something and they were a part of it.

Just like Jesus, who was “chosen from before the creation of the world” to be the cornerstone and foundation of their faith, the exiles were also—like living stones, being built into a spiritual house. This spiritual house was like the temple in Jerusalem where God’s presence dwelt.

The Christians would have clearly understood Peter’s message to them: With Jesus as your cornerstone, you are the living stones God is using to build His house. You. Exiles God has called holy, chosen, and precious because of Jesus. You, the priesthood of believers, are uniquely placed, but lovingly set together, as the house where God will dwell. And by living God’s way, as strangers in a godless world, you are showing Him to the world around you!

They didn’t need to change anything or reinvent themselves. They were exactly where God wanted them to be for His kingdom to be built and his salvation revealed.


By repaying evil with blessing and wrongdoing with humility and compassion. By serving others. By suffering for bearing God’s name. By submitting to corrupt governors because God gives authority. By working hard for unfair bosses. By offering hospitality without grumbling. By living Godly lives despite the ridicule and hardship. By not conforming to the world. By living for God.

They would be different than the world around them. But in doing so, they would point to Jesus.

We need that same encouragement today. The world we live in is as foreign to God’s kingdom as it was 2000 years ago. We suffer grief in all kinds of trials at work, from unbelieving friends and neighbors, while raising children whose friend’s parents have different standards, when making sacrificial priorities with time, treasures, and talents, or suffering difficulty for bearing the name of Jesus. When we do these things as God’s children, we look different than most people around us.

And Peter’s encouragement in I Peter is for us, as well. His message to us: There’s a bigger picture than what you can see. Because your faith is founded on the living Stone – you also, like living stones are being built into a spiritual house. You are where God dwells. And when you give thanks to Jesus by the way you live, you show the world who God is.

That’s God’s design for every Christian and the perspective we have as aliens and strangers in the world around us.

It was important enough for Peter to write a letter to the early Christians 2000 years ago. And it’s important enough to have a conference about it in 2019. That’s why the theme for the 2019 WELS Women’s Ministry Conference is Living Stones, Positioned to Thrive. With the words of I Peter, WELS Women’s Ministry wants to nurture, encourage, and equip women to use her gifts and talents to build God’s kingdom and bless those around us, wherever that may be.

You don’t need a fresh start or to become the new you. When you founded on the Living Stone, you are exactly where you should be, doing exactly what you were meant to be doing. You are a living stone! You are being built into God’s spiritual house. By living different than the world around you, you are thanking Jesus. And in doing so, you are showing God to the world.

Join women from across the Synod, July 18-20, 2019 at Luther Preparatory School in Watertown, WI to find out what that means for your life. Be nurtured by God’s word to understand what that looks like at home and in the world. Be encouraged by sisters in Christ in similar circumstances. Be equipped with ideas and resources for life as a living stone. Most importantly, see God’s design from God’s perspective.

Visit wels.net/wmconference for conference information, lodging, publicity materials, resources and updates. REGISTRATION opens in February!


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