Hey Campus Ministry supporters!

Do you remember when you were 18-21 years old? What an exciting time of your life! The world is your oyster! New horizons, new opportunities, so many doors open for you. How exciting to go off to college, finally become a grown up, and begin YOUR life!

However, the devil knows how to strike when the iron is hot. There is perhaps no better time for him to attack than when a young adult goes off to a public college or university. No one is waking you up in the morning to go to church on Sunday. There are plenty of opportunities to forgo a Godly lifestyle and experience all the world has to offer. Faith can be tested. Faith can be tried. Faith can even be lost.

That’s where WELS Campus Ministry fits in. Campus Ministry, a ministry of WELS Home Missions, exists to provide resources, support, and encouragement to WELS congregations that serve college students around the United States and Canada. What a vital ministry this is at such an important time of transition!

Encourage college students in your life

Do you know college-age Lutherans? Encourage them to sign up with WELS Campus Ministry so we can share their information with the local campus pastor and send/e-mail them free copies of Meditations devotions and Forward in Christ magazine.

Get involved in campus ministry

Every WELS member and congregation, no matter your location, can be involved in WELS Campus Ministry:

  • Do you live in a college town? Is there a technical or community college nearby? Consider starting a campus ministry program in your area.
  • Don’t have a college in your area? Support your congregation’s college students while they’re away.

Check out the Campus Ministry Toolkit, filled with new ideas and resources for you and your congregation to use to get involved.

Support WELS Campus Ministry

About 30 congregations receive funding from WELS Campus Ministry for their campus ministry programs every year. There is one full-time campus ministry at Wisconsin Lutheran Chapel in Madison, Wisconsin–where it all began 100 years ago. With your financial support, WELS Campus Ministry will continue to help grow and support campus ministry programs for years to come. Two needs that have been identified include:

1) Seed money for new campus ministry programs

There is huge opportunity to start new campus ministry programs around North America. Two that are just getting started are located at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and the University of Nebraska in Lincoln.

2) Campus Ministry Mission Counselor

The Campus Ministry Committee and Joint Mission Council would like to call a full-time Campus Ministry Mission Counselor to coordinate current campus ministry efforts, visit with and encourage high school students (including international students) to connect with a campus ministry when they go away to college, work with congregations to start and maintain active campus ministry programs at colleges and universities in their area, and equip international students to share their Christian faith with family and friends from their own people group.

Read more about campus ministry