Care Committee for Called Workers

The Care Committee for Called Workers (CCCW) exists to assist WELS calling bodies in the spiritual, physical, intellectual, and emotional care of their called workers. A congregation’s CCCW committee functions by supporting called workers and their families, encouraging them in their ministries, and enhancing their quality of life.

The WELS CCCW offers a free resource—study materials and a DVD—which provides a general overview of the purpose of the local care committee and portrayals of the three types of visits (entrance, annual, and transition) for which the local committee is responsible. The “Care to Care” study materials provide more detailed information about care committee work, including how to start a care committee, suggestions for the types of questions to ask during the visits mentioned above, and suggestions for activities that the committee can carry out.

The WELS CCCW has also produced easy to use resources for congregational committees to help their called workers financially prepare for retirement.

“Care to Care” CCCW Study Materials and Retirement Planning Resources can be downloaded from the WELS Resource Center.  The video, which is on the DVD, can also be viewed online in the Resource Center.  All CCCW materials are also available as a packet  you can request from WELS Special Ministries by calling 414-256-3241.

Resources from the Care Committee for Called Workers are available on the WELS Resource Center.

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To encourage, support, and enhance the physical and spiritual…