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God works through the big and the small

Big is good, but…bigger is not necessarily better.

2023/05/25/by Meredith Liermann

What goes around, comes around

As a WELS pastor, I have been blessed with three overseas calls.…
2023/05/18/by Meredith Liermann

It’s not about the jars

A pastor who is much smarter than I am once said that planting…
2023/05/11/by Meredith Liermann

Worship and Outreach – At Our Redeemer, Madison, WI

In his excellent book of devotions titled Our Worth to Him, Mark…
2023/05/08/by lschulz

Preach the Word – The essential element that makes preaching worth anyone’s attention

Free Text Series or Lectionary Preaching?
The essential element…
2023/05/08/by lschulz

Back home in Asia

It was May 2008 – 15 years ago. I sat in the auditorium of…
2023/05/04/by Meredith Liermann

It takes a village

"It takes a village to raise a child." Many of us have heard…
2023/04/27/by Meredith Liermann

A gift for making gifts

Two years ago I received the call to serve Christ the Rock in…
2023/04/20/by Meredith Liermann

Rural training program in Vietnam

Jesus taught, “The student is not above the teacher, but everyone…
2023/04/18/by Marissa Krogmann

A reason to give thanks

Name a safe city with an airport in a low-cost country with no…
2023/04/13/by Meredith Liermann

Joy in Dunavtsi

On the last weekend in March, believers from six countries gathered…
2023/04/13/by Meredith Liermann

Exactly where God wants us

“The school doesn’t even teach us about Jesus. Why would…
2023/04/06/by Meredith Liermann
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