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Latest Blogs

I’m really glad to be here

“I got baptized on Friday… and I’m really glad to be here.”
2018/10/18/by Marissa Krogmann

25 Years of Grace Renewal

The public history of the Ukrainian Evangelical Church of the…
2018/10/09/by Marissa Krogmann

Concordia’s Church 360 Product Price Increase

At the end of the year Concordia Technology Solutions will be…
2018/10/08/by Martin Spriggs

Changing community, unchanging grace

There is a large billboard on Interstate 15 that says,…
2018/10/04/by Marissa Krogmann

God used the church to save Grandma

Grandma Barb started worshiping with us at Epiphany in Racine…
2018/09/27/by Marissa Krogmann

Gospel Networking in Latin America

Sorry, I know “networking” went from being a trendy word…
2018/09/20/by Marissa Krogmann

Technology Partners

Important Note: The ShopWELS program is being discontinued…
2018/09/14/by Martin Spriggs

The Fields are Ripe for Harvest

“I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are…
2018/09/13/by Marissa Krogmann

The Sun Came Out at Midnight

On Monday, August 13, 2018 the crescent moon – thin and red…
2018/09/06/by Marissa Krogmann

“Go Into All the World”… More Efficiently

Trinity Lutheran Church in the town of Liberty, on the outskirts…
2018/08/30/by Marissa Krogmann

What do you do with children in worship? Cultural Perspective / Strategies

What Do You Do with Children in Worship?
Cultural Perspective…
2018/08/28/by WELS

Preach The Word – The Cross as Solution to the Problem of Evil

Welcome a new writer: From 2005-2017 Michael Berg was pastor…
2018/08/28/by WELS
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