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WELS Missions—made up of Home, World, and Joint Missions—seeks to share Christ’s love with the lost across the globe. Home Missions supports 126 congregations in the United States, Canada, and English-speaking West Indies, and assists hundreds of other congregations with their campus ministry programs. World Missions conducts gospel outreach in 40 foreign countries and is exploring outreach opportunities in 14 prospective new mission fields. Joint Missions oversees any mission opportunity that is a combination of Home Missions, World Missions, and Ministerial Education. This includes people-group ministries, cross-cultural ministries, the Pastoral Studies Institute (PSI), and new programs like WELS Mission Journeys.


Request a mission speaker for your next church mission festival, school assembly, men’s or women’s church group meeting, or LWMS rally. Request a speaker, read frequently asked questions, and learn more about the resources that are available to you.

WELS Home Missions plants new churches and assists mission-minded congregations in the United States, Canada, and English-speaking West Indies. Home Missions currently supports 126 congregations with financial subsidy or district mission board/mission counselor assistance, with 26 of those being cross-cultural mission congregations. Home Missions also provides 30 campus ministries with financial support, while assisting hundreds of other congregations that serve college students around the United States and Canada.


Houston, Tex.


Folsom, Calif. (Unsubsidized)


Wesley Chapel, Fla. (Unsubsidized)


Oshkosh, Wis. (Campus Ministry Enhancement)

  • Houston, Tex.
  • Folsom, Calif.
  • Wesley Chapel, Fla.
  • Oshkosh, Wis. (Campus Ministry)
  • Folsom, Calif.
  • Wesley Chapel, Fla.

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WELS Campus Ministry, a ministry of WELS Home Missions, provides resources, support, and encouragement to WELS congregations that serve college students around the United States and Canada. These congregations are vital in connecting college students with fellow Christians, strengthening their faith with the gospel message, and encouraging them to share that faith with other college students. The WELS Campus Ministry Committee currently provides about 30 campus ministries with financial support and assists hundreds of other congregations in their campus ministry outreach.

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Read inspiring stories from Home, World, and Joint Missions in weekly Missions Blogs while also staying up-to-date on the most recent Missions news through the bi-annual Missions Update e-Newsletter.


WELS World Missions conducts gospel outreach in 40 foreign countries and is exploring outreach opportunities in 14 additional countries. World Missions brings the light of God’s Word to the world through evangelism efforts, church planting, training national workers for ministry, and providing religious materials in foreign languages through Multi-Language Publications (MLP).

42 world missionaries partner with over 400 national pastors to conduct outreach and train more than 380 students for service in Christ’s kingdom.

World Mission supports mission work:

  • on the Apache reservations in Arizona, where they recently celebrated 125 years of mission work in 2018;
  • in Africa, where missionaries and national church partners are exploring mission work in six additional African countries
  • in the Asia-Pacific Rim, where the training of national pastors is opening the door to opportunities for outreach in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam;
  • in Latin America, where the Academia Cristo Facebook page and training resources reach more than 1.3 million people with the gospel;
  • in East Asia, where more than 500 people gather each week to hear the gospel and where Asia Lutheran Seminary is training more than 30 nationals for ministry;
  • in Europe, where national churches are partnering with WELS missionaries and the Pastoral Studies Institute (PSI) to train the next generation of church leaders;
  • in South Asia, where security is always a concern, but the gospel message is still shared through hundreds of churches; and
  • through Multi-Language Publications, which has produced print items, audio and video resources, and online training resources in more than 53 languages.

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