Online Practical Evangelism for Congregations Course

Scheduled dates:
Spring 2024

Around us everywhere are people with whom Jesus wants us to share his message of love and salvation.  In striving to help Christians with this vital mission, the WELS Commission on Evangelism is offering this course on Practical Evangelism for Congregations through the Martin Luther College online continuing education program: Course THE9102

Course Description
Overview of key components that make up a congregational evangelism program and guidance for putting them into practice. Participants in this course will . . . .

  • Know the correct rationale of pre-evangelism work in congregations and define ways for raising awareness of their churches.
  • Determine a community project designed to serve the people in the congregation’s area and develop a plan for conducting it.
  • Develop outreach plans for their congregations with specific “go” and “come” strategies.
  • Learn the importance and details of a well-managed prospect list for effective follow-up.

Teaching Methodology
The course will be taught online utilizing the Moodle course management system. Weekly lesson guide sheets will guide participants through each lesson. The content material for the course will be obtained through readings in reference books, related online articles and web sites, and instructor provided information.  The course is designed to be completed in 6 weeks with approximately a six to seven hour time commitment each week.

Tuition and Fees
Tuition for a one-credit course is $295.  Additionally, there is a registration fee of $10 and a technology fee of $25 per course.  Financial Assistance – The Commission on Evangelism is offering a $75 grant to students when they complete this online evangelism course.  At the conclusion of the course, the instructor will provide information for receiving this grant.

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Contact: Pastor Eric Roecker, Director – Commission on Evangelism: [email protected]