Mental Health Needs

Christians suffer in many ways. Some suffering is internal. It can involve struggles with addiction or temptation. Christians can suffer in a range of ways that may require professional counseling or medical attention, such as depression or schizophrenia. The Committee on Mental Health Needs provides guidance, resources and assistance to WELS churches and members as they minister to one another in love. The committee provides information to sort out the many kinds of counseling that therapists may use. It also networks with WELS and ELS Christian therapists and provides resources for Biblical counseling. Visit the website WELS / ELS Christian Therapists Network for a directory of names, addresses, and specialties for WELS or ELS Christian therapists or more information.

Some suffering is the struggle with temptation or struggles a person may have as a victim of sin. The Committee on Mental Health Needs encourages recovery support groups for various needs, such as grief or addictions and provides resources for starting recovery support groups.

With the rapid growth of the Internet, pornography has become a devastating spiritual problem. The Committee on Mental Health Needs has developed a website to help people who are battling an addiction to internet pornography. Visit the Conquerors through Christ Web site for more information.

Some Christians struggle in the aftermath of experiencing abuse. To provide spiritual comfort and help to a Christian who has survived abuse, and to encourage churches and organizations to implement abuse prevention policies, the Committee on Mental Health Needs has developed a website Freedom for the Captives as a resource for those who have survived abuse and to guide those who are writing policy.

Find resources from the Committee on Mental Health Needs on the WELS Resource Center.

Latest News

A new video resource and discussion guide about being a recovery friendly church is now available. Learn how Christian congregations can serve those broken by addiction.