WELS Conference of Staff Ministers

The WELS Conference of Staff Ministers (WCSM) was organized in 1997 in an effort to promote professional and spiritual growth among staff ministers, as well as to promote staff ministry throughout the synod.  All students enrolled in a staff ministry program, certified staff ministers, and those serving in a staff ministry call in WELS are automatically members of the WCSM.  The WCSM meets annually for a two-day conference.   The Conference sponsors the Gerald Kastens Memorial Scholarship for staff ministry students at Martin Luther College and supports a mentoring program for new staff ministers in the mission field.

Our Conference Mission Statement

The WELS Conference of Staff Ministers exists:
1)    to facilitate the exchange of ideas and information among staff ministers
2)    to encourage staff ministers in the field
3)    to aid in the certification and continuing education of all staff ministers


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