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 Enriching Marriage

Presented by Rev. Randy Hunter
Couples will have the opportunity to build their marriage on the gospel of Jesus through the study entitled “Mysterious Marriage.” This study will examine how the gospel gives you the power to be married and how marriage gives you a way to show the gospel.
Originally presented February 2017

 What does this mean? The continuing importance of Luther’s Small Catechism

Presented by Rev. John Braun
We will study the importance of Luther’s Small Catechism for our own society and culture. We will review the six chief parts. What does it mean for Christian morality in today’s world without moral standards? What does it mean for Christian beliefs in a world where you can believe anything? What does it mean for Christian devotion and our personal relationship with God? What does it mean for our church life as Lutherans when the church appears to be more social than spiritual? The class will start with a little history of the Catechism and its importance in the Reformation and conclude with a discussion of what the future may hold for us and the next generation.
Originally presented September 2016

God’s Grace to Runaways – The Book of Jonah

Presented by Rev. Michael Quandt
Whether ancient Nineveh; modern day Los Angeles; or Sleepy Eye, Minn., there are souls whom the Lord loves and wants to know about his saving love. The book of Jonah allows us to face and confront the smug or distracted rebel inside each of us. That confrontation will show that we stand in grave need of the grace of God every day of our lives.
Originally presented September 2014

I’d like to read my Bible, but . . .

Presented by WELS President Mark Schroeder
Rev. Mark Schroeder provides practical helps for people to study God’s Word on their own with confidence and understanding.
Originally presented February 2014

Who am I, and why am I here?

Presented by Rev. Tom Kock
Pastor Kock leads us to see that the grace of God gives us a wonderfully positive understanding of what God has declared us to be, filling us with confidence and peace.
Originally presented January 2013


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