Early Childhood Ministry Educator’s Devotions

Joy and Peace – Week of November 28, 2022

I hope I planned it just right...

We Are Ready – Week of November 21, 2022

The last days are coming! Let’s get excited...

Keep Your Eyes on Jesus – Week of November 14, 2022

“Watch how fast I can run in my new shoes!”

Wipe Away Tears – Week of November 7, 2022

Working with young children inevitably leads to wiping away some tears...

Faith Demonstrated through Total Dependence – Week of October 24, 2022

Every morning, my plan is the same. Wake up, sit in my favorite chair, and read the Bible. It’s a great plan...

Faith Demonstrated through Persistent Prayer – Week of October 17, 2022

Oh, kids. They have a lot of questions, and they sure can be persistent when we don’t answer them right away...

Faith that Overflows with Gratitude – Week of October 10, 2022

The envelope is just another thing that I check off my list. Most of the time, my children don’t even know how much money I put in it...

Faith that Delights in Duty – Week of October 3, 2022

The devil would like for us to forget who we work for...

My Hope – Week of September 26, 2022

One father of five raised his hand. “Parenting is like a merry-go-round because life can feel like it’s spinning out of control and inevitably someone always throws up.”

If Only… – Week of September 19, 2022

Our biggest if only… that our sins were forgiven and that we would have peace with God our heavenly Father. That “if only” is complete.

The Lost Are Found – Week of September 12, 2022

Pray for opportunities to share your faith with them, and then ask with confidence for the Holy Spirit to work in their hearts.

The Cost: Everything? – Week of September 5, 2022

Following Jesus comes at a cost. However, we have a treasure that is beyond anything this world can offer. We have Jesus.

Me First! – Week of August 29, 2022

Jesus came to earth and lived humbly, then even more, he died humbly for all of us, who so often do only what is best for ourselves.

We’re Invited! – Week of August 22, 2022

Jesus’ words about who is invited give us a moment of pause but also assure us of his promise.


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