Early Childhood Ministry Educator’s Devotions

Forgiven. Forgiving – Week of September 18, 2023

Take a minute and think about the children in your room or class...

The LORD is Gracious – Week of September 11, 2023

Take a minute and think about the children in your room or class...

Celebrate, Sing, Tell! – Week of September 4, 2023

Because of Jesus, God looks at us as his daughter, his son, his child. Because of Jesus, we have the promise of heaven. And you get to tell that everyday in the Bible stories, the prayers, the songs, and the simple conversations with children and their families.

Who is Jesus? – Week of August 28, 2023

Who is God? Who is Jesus? It’s such a simple question but may not be simple to answer.

I’m Glad You’re Here – Week of August 21, 2023

The next time you are in worship take a look around. Who could use your kindness, your welcome? Who could use a friendly face that simply says, “I’m glad you’re here."

Take Courage! It Is I – Week of August 14, 2023

The storms of life can shake our confidence and test our faith. They can leave us frightened and sometimes feeling helpless. The good news is that Jesus is there in the midst of our storms, walking alongside us.

His Love Endures Forever! – Week of August 7, 2023

I really need some coffee. I really need something to eat. I really need a new jacket. We have such a “need” mindset that is often focused on material things in our lives.

The Christian Seeks Spiritual Wealth – Week of July 31, 2023

What are we willing to do to hold on to this treasure? This treasure is the Word.

The Christian Lives as Wheat Among Weeds – Week of July 24, 2023

We can be encouraged, be faithful, be at peace in the hands of the Gardener.

The Christian is Planted by the Word – Week of July 17, 2023

May God bless you with the enthusiasm of a young child and their seed cup and even more as you tell and tell and tell about the Savior!

The Christian Finds Rest in Jesus – Week of July 10, 2023

We don’t have to wait to be in heaven with Jesus to enjoy the rest and peace we crave. It’s already ours because of what Jesus has done for us.

The Christian Loves God Above All – Week of July 3, 2023

The life of a Christian is a daily fight, a battle against Satan. But we don’t fight alone.

The Race is Won – Week of June 26, 2023

What does quality time with Jesus look like?

Serving with Compassion – Week of June 19, 2023

What does quality time with Jesus look like?


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