WELS World Mission work in Asia is subdivided into three different administrative groups: Asia-Pacific Rim, East Asia, and South Asia. Each of these groups has an administrative committee appointed by the Board for World Missions to help facilitate this work in Asia.

Asia-Pacific Rim

East Asia

South Asia

Other Mission Partners

WELS Missions also partners with sister synods and independent churches in fellowship with WELS throughout Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea. This partnership and support can come in the form of financial assistance, theological training or continuing education through the Pastoral Studies Institute (PSI), visits and assistance from other World Missions representatives or missionaries, as well as the sharing of outreach ideas. Many of these mission partners are a part of the Confessional Evangelical Lutheran Conference (CELC), a worldwide fellowship of confessional Lutherans. To learn more about the CELC and these mission partners, visit


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