Marriage Enrichment

WELS Adult Discipleship holds a variety of Marriage Enrichment weekend throughout the year. Below is a list of upcoming events along with descriptions of the focus topics for the various enrichment weekends.

Distracted Marriage

Distracted Marriage Retreat

Learn how to give your marriage the attention it needs, build connections by taking time with one another, and tune in to each other. At the Distracted Marriage retreat we’ll talk about communication, turning off distractions to your marriage, fighting fair, and listening well.

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Simply Marriage

Simply Marriage Retreat

Your marriage, next to your relationship with God, is the most profound relationship you have. At the Simple Marriage enrichment weekend, learn to overcome frustration, appreciate incompatibility, break patterns that destroy oneness, to use words that work, and to grow more intimate. 

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Mysterious Marriage

Mysterious Marriage Retreat

Marriage is a profound mystery. In Ephesians 5:32 Paul calls marriage literally, a “mega-mystery.” The word mystery seems to imply it can’t be solved but there is an answer and it’s entirely possible to know it. It’s entirely possible for you to know, feel and act on the secret to a great marriage.

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Richer Marriage
Richer marriage retreat

Richer marriage retreat

It’s easier to see things the way we want them to be than to see things the way they are. God is more real than that. He replaces rose-colored glasses with grace-colored glasses. That makes your marriage richer.

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Healthy Marriage

Healthy Marriage

Jesus has identified “dimensions of a healthy marriage” – things that promote health in marriage.

Healthy Marriage will help you learn those “dimensions of a healthy marriage.” More than that, Healthy Marriage will equip to you to practice them and maintain the health of your marriage long after this memorable weekend get-away.

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“The timing couldn’t have been better for our marriage. We had a fantastic weekend and were able to reconnect thanks to the opportunity and tools you provided. We didn’t realize how much we had missed each other due to the distractions in life – the distancing happened so slowly and before we knew it we were both wondering how are lives became so separate. You gave us a lot to discuss . . . and many ways we can prevent the creep of distancing from happening again. I can’t thank you enough. We look forward to doing this with you again next year!  Thanks again.”


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Let us help you plan a marriage enrichment weekend in your area! WELS marriage enrichment and get-away weekends have been developed to teach couples to apply the gospel in their marriages and help pastors by providing them a solid Lutheran marriage resource. Want to organize a marriage enrichment weekend for your area? Here’s how.