Fostering Faith in the Next Generation
Making Time for What Matters the Most

How can each of us work to foster faith in the next generation?

Our panelists are real parents in the trenches of discipling their children for a lifetime of spiritual growth and following Jesus. They will speak to the challenges that come with this desire to live counter culture in a world that is so good at keeping us distracted and busy. What are they doing to build faith in the home across the spectrum of ages? How do they maintain regular time in the Word when schedules are so hectic? What does devotional time look like as a family? And how are children taught to incorporate individual time in the Word to grow this spiritually healthy lifelong habit?

Find encouragement for single parents, those spiritually single (without a Christian spouse), and families with kids of all ages!

Are you a grandparent, godparent, Sunday school teacher, or youth group leader? How can you work with families to nurture the faith of their children and help them to fulfill their God-given role in teaching the next generation about Jesus? Watch the webinar to learn more!

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About Women’s Ministry


Women’s Ministry exists to nurture, encourage, and equip women to faithfully use their gifts for service in God’s kingdom.

“Now we are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.”
1 Corinthians 12:27

WELS Women’s Ministry, always using Scripture as its guiding principle, has the following objectives:

  • To encourage and model personal study of the Bible and use of the Sacraments so that the gospel message may be proclaimed boldly and clearly in our daily lives
  • To work under the WELS Commission on Adult Discipleship
  • To work together with men to fully understand from Scripture how we are all to serve God
  • To explore scripturally sound opportunities for service in every calling of life from home, to church, to the world
  • To equip women to fulfill their callings
  • To develop fresh approaches to God-pleasing ministries for women
  • To offer a variety of venues for communicating and sharing ideas
  • To thank God for the solid foundation of faith and service he has given to us as an example in the many godly women and men in our congregations who’ve gone before us

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