Churches and Pastors

If your congregation has individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities, there are many resources to help you serve them spiritually, and also reach out to others in the community with special needs.  You will find information about special Bible classes and worship formats through Jesus Cares Ministries.  There are special programs at several WELS summer camps in the Midwest (these will be updated each spring on the Parents and Family page).

Pastors: Your piece of the autism puzzle
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is often referred to as a puzzle. What causes it? Why do there seem to be more and more people with this condition as the frequency rises almost annually? . . .

Parent’s Network
Congregations interested in starting their own Special Needs Parents Network will receive help through the newly published e-book, Guidelines for Establishing a Special Needs Parents Network . . .

Confirmation Instruction for Communion
Pastors and parents often wonder whether a baptized member with developmental disabilities can be instructed for confirmation, and how to determine when or if such a person would be able to prepare for receiving the Lord’s Supper.