Reflections on Our Unique Callings: Men, Women, and the Body of Christ

Are women today still called to fulfill the role of helper—a role first applied to Eve in Genesis 2:20? Can women serve in leadership positions in the church? Should a woman hold a job where she has men working under her? As members of the body of Christ, men and women are privileged to share blessings and responsibilities in partnering together to serve their Savior. But men and women also have unique callings—callings that can be misunderstood, that sometimes feel out of step with our world today. Reflections on Our Unique Callings is a series of twice-weekly devotions from WELS Women’s Ministry that explores biblical principles and applications, poses thoughts and questions for further reflection, and encourages conversations on how these unique callings find their fulfillment in their lives.

One Image – Reflections on Our Unique Callings – June 15, 2021

It is so helpful when God says things twice....

Home, Church, World—What Applies Where? – Reflections on Our Unique Callings – June 10, 2021

There’s another calling that we have: God’s unique callings for men and women...

Intended to Bring Blessings – Reflections on Our Unique Callings – June 8, 2021

It’s so easy to forget why God designed men and women the way that he did.


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