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About our newsletters

Through My Bible In Three Years
A daily Bible reading that will take you through the entire Bible in three years of readings.

The official WELS newsletter and video featuring synod news and ministry updates.

Nomination alert
Alerts to subscribers to the call for nominations for synodical and commission positions.

An Encouraging Word
A stewardship-focused newsletter with resources for congregations from the Ministry of Christian Giving.

Transformed: Devotions connecting teens to Christ
A weekly devotion for teens.

Early Childhood Educator’s devotions
A weekly devotion for early childhood educators.

CLS E-news
A weekly newsletter for teachers and administrators at WELS schools.

His Hands
A newsletter from the WELS Commission on Special Ministries, highlighting  several areas of compassion ministries.

Military Devotions
A weekly devotion for those serving in the military.

Missions Update Newsletter
A newsletter detailing the work and featuring stories of WELS Home and World missions.

Missions blogs
A weekly blog from one of the many WELS missions fields delivered to your inbox.

MLP Newsletter
A newsletter that highlights the work of WELS Multi-Language Publications.

Nurses Association
Updates from the WELS Nurses Association and WELS Parish Nurses.

Church Extension Fund rates
Investment rate updates for WELS Church Extension Fund investors and potential investors.

ShopWELS Insider
Notification and deals from vendors and companies that provide special savings to WELS organizations and members.

E-Bulletin Board
A monthly update detailing available WELS resources and events.

WELS Ministry Media Kit
A monthly kit of digital images and pre-written bulletin blurbs and prayers to help share synod information with congregations.

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