Grab bag of arts and crafts ideas
Julie Luetke, Jesus Cares Ministries Representative, brings her 20 plus years of teaching experience to this video full of creative ideas titled: Engaging Crafts and Activities. These activities will augment the arts and crafts section of the JCM Curriculum, Dear Christian Friend, as well as add to any teaching experience involving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Dear Christian Friend curriculum
The newly revised set of Dear Christian Friend is now available. The curriculum you’ve enjoyed over the years is now organized in a 4-CD set that includes 110 Old and New Testament lessons. We also updated the set with new picture symbols. This all-in-one, multi-year set also includes review lessons, audio files for companion lesson songs and 11 versions of the widely popular “Loved” Bible bingo game.

This three-year plan corresponds to the three-year cycle Christ-Light Sunday school plan being published by Northwestern Publishing House beginning in 2013. Therefore, if you have a student with special needs in a class using the Christ-Light Sunday school materials, you could substitute the Dear Christian Friend materials for that student and still follow the same lesson schedule.

View the three-year plan.

Christian Educators for Special Education
There is a WELS organization to help those who teach students with special needs, called Christian Educators for Special Education (CESE). The purpose of CESE is to educate and inform teachers, parents, and other concerned individuals so that all children, especially those with special gifts and those with special needs, could be aided in developing their God-given talents to the best of their abilities. CESE serves educators and families through developing and supplying resources, assisting WELS schools in meeting the needs of every child, and providing Christian support to parents and teachers of children with special needs.