Organization of WELS Lutheran Seniors (OWLS)

You are invited to the 2023 Lutheran Convention for Seniors, October 11-13, 2023 at the Holiday Inn and Convention Center in Stevens Point, Wisc.

The Organization of WELS Lutheran Seniors (OWLS) offers an active alternative to inactivity for people retired and/or 55 years old. To hundreds of members throughout the United States, this organization provides a sense of active purpose. Through involvement, fellowship, mutual support, life enrichment activities and service to others, OWLS members are encouraged and helped to be all that they can be. Interested in joining? Contact the OWLS National Office at 507-354-4403.

Why become a member?
Being a part of OWLS will provide opportunities for Christ-centered involvement that will enrich your life.

Nursing home ministry
The nursing home ministry is an outreach program to the un-churched in nursing homes. This is an opportunity to share the Word with the promise of a Savior who died for all sinners and ensures a heavenly home for all believers. Instructions and devotions will be provided to chapters and members-at-large who would like to participate.

Gospel outreach
“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life” (John 3:16). This is reason enough to be involved in evangelistic outreach. In word and deed, members of this organization share the gospel through individual and group efforts and by supporting the evangelism work of the congregation and synod.

Crossing generations
Christians with lots of life experience have much to offer young people and can also find great blessings in working with them. You can request a booklet, “Crossing Generations” which is full of suggestions for young people and older members to benefit from each other and be a blessing across generations.

Prison ministry
OWLS chapters and individual members support WELS Prison Ministry financially and through volunteer participation. Activities include distributing materials, serving as pen pals, correcting tests, and making greeting cards and bookmarks for prisoners. The organization’s spiritual advisor writes a special letter every few months to prisoners who have no pen pal. Some congregations collect used copies of Meditation devotions and forward them to the WELS Prison Ministry office. There volunteers prepare them to be distributed to thousands of waiting prisoners.

European chaplaincy
OWLS is justly proud to be the major supporter of the WELS Civilian Chaplaincy to military and civilians living in Europe. Every year OWLS members and OWLS chapters raise enough money to fund the salary of the Civilian Chaplain who visits our service people and civilians who are in Europe.

When a person has used and enhanced his or her gifts and abilities over the course of many years, it is not only good stewardship but an extension of godly love to share such skill and knowledge with others. Wills and estate planning and charitable gifting are part of Christian stewardship and God-given opportunities to put love and faith into action for one’s family as well as for the Lord.

Spiritual growth
This organization is keenly aware of the need for continual spiritual growth. Hostel, retreats, and workshops all provide a rich source of encouragement, fellowship, and information that is part of that growth. The organization’s spiritual advisor writes a message for each issue of the newsletter, New Horizons, mailed to members four times each year.

Cultural growth
An active and fulfilling life involves the whole person. The mind as well as the body and should must be fed. Tours like the “arm-chair” tours at convention or vacation tours planned with a Christian agency provide members with God-pleasing activities that contribute to the nourishment of the mind.

Personal growth
The OWLS know how to have fun and appreciate the lighter side of life as much as anyone. Recreational activities are a regular part of its activities. Hobbies, collectibles, and items from the past are shared at conventions, and new ideas for personal growth are presented at workshops and hostels and in the newsletter where a good joke can always bring a laugh.

When a person has used and enhanced his or her gifts and abilities over the course of many years, it is not only good stewardship but an extension of godly love to share such skills and knowledge with others. This organization makes a practice of counseling and coaching especially in the area of finance.

Fellowship and Friendship
In local chapters and across the nation, involvement in OWLS provides opportunities to make new friends and deepen relationships, as OWLS not only serve together but learn and relax together. A high point of OWLS fellowship and friendship building is the annual OWLS Convention for Seniors. Read about our most recent Convention for Seniors.