Christian Educators for Special Education

Not all children learn at the same rate, nor do they learn in the same way. A knowledgeable awareness and practical sensibility of these facts suggests the implementation of strategies and programs which will enable children with special needs to make the best use of these various gifts.

CESE Mission Statement

To provide Christ-centered support to teachers and parents of children with special academic needs.


In 1984, a small group of Christian educators in the Milwaukee area met to “discuss the feasibility of establishing an organization that would reach out to the WELS schools of metro Milwaukee and provide professional growth and direction in special education.” Within a short period of time, the organization CESE—Christian Educators for Special Education—was established.

Our current definition reads as follows: CESE is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to educate and inform teachers, parents, and other concerned individuals so that all children, especially those with special gifts and those with special needs, could be aided in developing their God-given talents to the best of their abilities. CESE serves educators and families through developing and supplying resources, assisting WELS schools in meeting the needs of every child, and providing Christian support to parents and teachers of children with special needs.

For nearly 30 years, CESE has served not only the Lutheran Schools, teachers, students, and parents in the metro Milwaukee area, but also Lutheran schools throughout the state of Wisconsin and in other states. CESE has offered a variety of workshops and training sessions over the years, including the one-day annual summer conference the second Tuesday in August. Through the CESE organization, a tutoring program called Wisconsin Lutheran Learning Center (WLLC) came into existence. This program has helped numerous students, parents, and teachers.


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