Christian Educators for Special Education

Not all children learn at the same rate, nor do they learn in the same way. In order to allow all of God’s precious children access to a Christian education, we need to implement strategies and programs in our Christian schools that will enable children with special needs to attend those schools and make the best use of their various gifts.

CESE Mission Statement

The mission of CESE is to open the door to a Christian education for every child, especially children with special needs.


In 1984, a small group of Christian educators in the Milwaukee area met to “discuss the feasibility of establishing an organization that would reach out to the WELS schools of metro Milwaukee and provide professional growth and direction in special education.” Within a short period of time, the organization CESE—Christian Educators for Special Education—was established. For over 35 years, CESE has worked in a variety of ways to support and encourage special education in our WELS schools, now not only in Milwaukee, but throughout the United States and beyond.

CESE Today

CESE’s current focus is on sharing information and resources as well as offering workshops and conferences on topics in the field of special education, all with the goal of expanding special education in the WELS. To find out more, visit the links below.


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