To the Ends of the Earth Movie

In the sequence of Road to Emmaus, Come Follow Me, and My Son My Savior is the fourth and final movie from WELS, titled To the Ends of the EarthThe movie follows Paul’s remarkable visit to the city of Philippi, recorded in Acts 16. It shows how Paul connected with people from all walks of life, demonstrating that the good news of Jesus is indeed for all people—to the very ends of the earth. Release date for the movie is September 1, 2018.

Resources based on the movie

Below are four categories of helpful resources for congregations and individuals to download and use with the movie:

  • Adult Study Materials: 1) Six-lesson Bible Study – A resource for pointing people to the power of the gospel and the command of Christ to be his witnesses to the ends of the earth. 2) Small Group Guide – A study especially for small groups, families, or individuals.
  • Worship: Helps for a worship service expanding on the main message of the movie—taking the gospel to the ends of the earth.
  • Children and Teen Lessons & Devotions: Materials for leading children from pre-school age through high school to focus on mission outreach.
  • Special: Personal Reflections, Mission Vignettes, Advent by Candlelight, Suggestions for Outreach

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Movie DVDs

To the Ends of the Earth is now available for sale in quantities of 50 DVDs at a bulk rate price and also single DVDs at Northwestern Publishing House.

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