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A few fellow WELS members in our church choose not to immunize their children. I have some concerns because we have a Christian day school and my children also attend there. Some of the members who choose not to immunize have made their beliefs public and one even went as far as using a website that says God does not want us to immunize. This website states that immunizations contain fetal parts from aborted fetuses. I am wondering if there is any direction from the WELS about immunizations? Thanks.

What I can do is refer you to the web site of Christian Life Resources.  Searching “vaccination” and “immunization” will yield numerous results of reading material. Additionally, I can pass along the response to a previous question on this topic before I began service as the responder to questions.  The question submitted was:  “Is there Continued.

Can you give my some guidance on what the Bible says about a parent who favors one child over the other? My husband has an obvious favorite in our three children and it really bothers me. I feel like he is greatly discouraging our other two children.

I grieve over your concern and can imagine how unsettled you must be as a Christian parent who seeks only the best for your husband and children. Based on your question, I will have to assume that (1) your husband really is showing favoritism with your children and this is not just your imagination, (2) Continued.

As parents of an adult homosexual child, how much of a relationship should we maintain with our child and friend? We do not want him to think we condone this homosexual relationship, but we still love him and feel he needs our Christian influence. We also do not want our young grandchildren to think this is okay.

You have my sympathy as you strive to maintain relationships with your homosexual child and friend. I am thankful that you DO desire to maintain a relationship since that will allow you opportunity to give suitable witness to your convictions and to demonstrate parental kindness despite the spiritual plight of your loved one. I recognize that Continued.

Is it wrong to put a child up for adoption? What are circumstances, if any, when a Christian may give up a child for adoption?

It is not wrong to place a child for adoption. It is, however, often a painful decision. Within the Christian context there are two ways to look at it: biologically and beneficially. The biological perspective is that parents have a responsibility to raise their own children (Isaiah 49:15) or to entrust them to immediate family Continued.

What can parents do if an adult child strays away from the faith? Our daughter quit going to church when she was in college. She is now in her mid-twenties, still will not go to church, and does not want to talk to us about it.

Our sincere sympathy goes out to you parents. The grief that Christian parents of a backslidden child endure is great. This heartache is compounded when parental control is diminished or lost because the child has become an adult and is able to silence or willfully ignore and despise the testimony of the parents. In general Continued.

What are the benefits of bringing infants to worship?

You ask for benefits, and I offer this as a partial list of perceived benefits derived from bringing infants and small children to public worship gatherings: This allows the Holy Spirit to enrich the child as the Spirit wills, even though we may not know precisely how. (The words of 2 Timothy 3:15 as well Continued.

We have a 25-year-old daughter who has a college degree, works 2 jobs, has a car payment and student loans. We suggested she live at home to save on bills, but would like to move out so she has her independence. My husband will not even discuss it with her or me. This is causing stress in both our relationships and I don't feel it should be an issue that divides us as a family. Thank you and God bless.

You are correct.  This does not need to be an issue that divides you as a family.  While I lack much information about your situation, your family could be struggling with how the fourth commandment finds application as all the family members age. When your daughter was little, it was fairly clear how the lines Continued.

What is WELS' stance on surrogacy?

Christian Life Resources is an agency within WELS that provides expertise and sound biblical guidance in matters like the one you asked. With that in mind, I could probably help you the most by directing you to information on this subject that they make available on their web site. This link will take you to Continued.

What resources does WELS provide or suggest for a parent of a child struggling with homosexual tendencies?

I can provide you with links to three different kinds of resources. This first link is to a number of articles from Christian Life Resources, an agency within WELS. The articles range from news pieces to scriptural commentaries. This second link is to an area of this web site where a couple of parents write Continued.

Is it biblical for parents to give more privileges and independence to boys than girls?

There is nothing in the Bible to suggest parental preferential treatment of boys. Distinctions between boys and girls in Old Testament Israel that resulted from Mosaic laws or customs (for example, inheritance laws) are no longer applicable for New Testament Christians. Parents today will seek to treat their children, both boys and girls, with equal Continued.

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