WELS World Missions conducts gospel outreach throughout Europe, partnering to share Christ’s grace in Russia, Albania, Bulgaria, and Ukraine while supporting sister church bodies in seven additional European countries. A single resident missionary, Missionary Luke Wolfgramm and his family, resides on the continent (Russia).

The focus of European mission work is changing. Instead of leading congregations, our missionary is focusing on equipping and training national pastors to lead their own congregations. The Pastoral Studies Institute (PSI) is partnering in this work, making training visits to Germany, Sweden, Russia, and Ukraine.

An administrative committee appointed by the Board for World Missions helps facilitate world mission work throughout the continent of Europe.

Support mission work in Europe. You gift will support theological education, church planting, new outreach initiatives, and other general mission expenses throughout Europe. Select the “Europe Special Project Fund” (for a more general gift) or a specific European country you’d like to support from the drop-down menu.

Meet the Missionaries

Missionary Luke Wolfgramm graduated from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in 1997, was assigned to Novosibirsk, Russia, and has been there ever since. Over the years, work in Russia has remained new and fresh as WELS’ sister church, the Concord Evangelical Lutheran Church, grows and matures. At first American missionaries served as congregational pastors. Now Concord is blessed with three Russian pastors and one talented seminary student who carry out pastoral ministry. Missionary Wolfgramm focuses on worker training and mentoring church leaders.

God’s blessing in Russia is allowing Missionary Wolfgramm to spend more time with our other WELS European mission churches in Albania and Bulgaria. He trains seminary students, helps with continuing education for pastors, encourages and mentors. He also spends time with independent sister churches in Europe and provides fellowship and encouragement through webinars, Bible weekends, conferences, video calls, in-person meetings, and other means to help pastors and congregations who are often small and isolated.

Missionary Wolfgramm is married to Jennifer, who loves to work with music in the congregations and help get people involved with their congregations in a variety of ways. She travels with Missionary Wolfgramm to meet and strengthen friendships with the women of our sister congregations.

Luke and Jennifer have three children. Christina, 23, is living in Nebraska and studying drafting and design. Katie, 21, is in her final year at Milwaukee School of Engineering and is engaged to Xander Neuwirth. Peter, 16, is a sophomore at Fox Valley Lutheran High School. He lives with Luke’s brother and family in Appleton.

Missionary Michael Hartman serves as missionary to England, with a focus on London and international ministry. As the first WELS missionary to the area, he carries out exploratory work among a core group of WELS members living in England. He is also in contact with individuals who reside in London and are members of churches that share fellowship with WELS in Europe, Asia, South America, and the Caribbean.

Prior to his call to England, Missionary Hartman served as leader of the Latin America mission team, a group of missionaries who work to bring the gospel to Latin America and train leaders to help them teach others about Jesus. Missionary Hartman spent time in Latin America after graduating from the Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in 1999, at which time he was assigned to Mexico City. During the first 14 years of his ministry, he helped our sister synod in Mexico plant churches and develop leaders.

In 2013, drawing on the foundation laid by former missionaries to Latin America, Missionary Hartman worked with a team to create Academia Cristo, a ministry that provides Biblical material and training in Spanish. Today, Academia Cristo engages with an average of four million people every month. More than 500 students are active in a training program in which they learn Biblical theology and receive tools and mentoring as they work to plant churches in their neighborhoods.

Missionary Hartman has a Doctor of Ministry in church planting. His passion for mission work stems from his ongoing desire to tell others about Jesus so they can join the heavenly ranks with believers from around the world.

Missionary Hartman and his wife Rachel have been married for more than 20 years and have been blessed with four children.

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Other Mission Partners

WELS Missions also partners with sister synods and independent churches in fellowship with WELS throughout Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Germany. This partnership and support can come in the form of financial assistance, theological training or continuing education through the Pastoral Studies Institute (PSI), visits and assistance from other World Missions representatives or missionaries, as well as the sharing of outreach ideas. A church in the Czech Republic and a synod in Latvia are directly supported by our mission partners in the Evangelical Lutheran Synod (ELS). Visit the ELS world outreach page to learn more about that work.

Many of these mission partners are a part of the Confessional Evangelical Lutheran Conference (CELC), a worldwide fellowship of confessional Lutherans. To learn more about the CELC and these mission partners, visit


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