WELS Health and Wellness Committee

The Health and Wellness Committee began with a focus on ministry to people in institutions, including nursing homes, hospitals, and prisons.  Today WELS Prison Ministry serves inmates, but the Health and Wellness committee is still concerned about the unique needs and ministry circumstances of people in institutions or served by community institutions such as fire departments and police forces.  As a result, the Health and Wellness Committee focuses on providing resources for nurses, chaplains and care givers.

Because of this focus, we work closely with Institutional Ministries in Wisconsin, and any other WELS District or local arrangements for ministry to the aging or people in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and hospitals.  We promote the work of Parish Nurses in churches and for community ministry.  Our Chaplain Certification Program offers training for WELS men and women who have an interest in sharing their faith in institutional settings (some juvenile and women’s facilities only allow women access for chaplain work).  In an era when many people find themselves isolated while caring at home for a loved one, we encourage the formation of caregiver support groups called “Samaritan Partners.”

The Health and Wellness Committee encourages WELS seniors’ ministries to adopt activities that serve the Lord, such as the projects of the Organization of WELS Seniors (OWLS).

WELS Health and Wellness resources for called workers and congregational leaders are available on the WELS Resource Center.

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