Here are several ways to give and invest as an individual


WELS Church Extension Fund provides loans and grants to qualified mission congregations, so that through the acquisition of land and a ministry facility the gospel can be spread.

WELS Church Extension Fund (CEF) exists to provide loans and grants for mission-minded endeavors and projects that are under the direction of WELS Home Missions. When you invest with CEF, you help provide the financing so that congregations can acquire land and build or renovate ministry facilities. Here are ways you can invest with CEF:

Certificates—We offer two types of certificates—investment certificates and savings certificates. The certificates pay interest at rates that are set according to the policies set forth under “Description of Certificates” in our Offering Circular.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) are a great way to build your retirement. Now you can help build churches while you are managing your retirement savings by investing in a WELS CEF Retirement Certificate.

Stamp program—A great way to involve WELS youth in mission work at an early age.

Individuals can also give to CEF online now or work with a WELS Christian giving counselor on a planned gift to support CEF’s involvement with home missions efforts.


WELS Foundation exists to assist God’s people in support of God’s ministry through the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.

After the Israelites crossed the River Jordan to enter the Promised Land they set up a stone memorial, so that future generations would know the goodness of God. In the same way, WELS Foundation exists to help members whose gifts leave a monument of their faith that will be a blessing for many years to come.

WELS Foundation was organized for the benefit of Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod and is guided by the same principles. Christ’s love is what we are all about. By that love we are redeemed and forgiven. His Spirit has made us his own by faith and given us the promise of a relationship with him now and forever in heaven. God has graciously called us to help WELS members and organizations pass on his great love in Jesus to the next generations so they might know and reflect Christ’s love.

By becoming involved with WELS Foundation and making a donation through a charitable gift annuity, a charitable remainder trust, a donor advised fund, or other specialized giving instrument, you are creating a lasting legacy of your faith. Giving is an act of worship, another way to offer your Lord a thankful response for his never-failing gifts.

Charitable gifts benefit WELS gospel ministry by providing funds to WELS congregations, mission work, schools, and other ministries. Like the stones placed by the River Jordan, your gifts are a way to share God’s grace with others well after you enter the Promised Land of Heaven.


WELS Investment Funds provides cost effective, professionally managed investment portfolios exclusively for WELS and affiliated organizations.


Thinking about making a donation? Find out if your gift is eligible for a match. This tool will help you find if your employer matches gifts.


WELS has two main endowment funds that provide ongoing and increased financial support to synod missions and ministerial education.