• WELS National Conference on Lutheran Leadership

    Registration is now open for the conference taking place at the Hilton, Chicago, on January 16 – 18, 2023.

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  • Fall in love with God’s Word

    As Lutherans we value Scripture, but how much time do we really spend reading it?

  • 100 Missions in 10 Years

    A WELS Home Missions initiative to plant 100 new home mission churches and enhance 75 existing ministries from 2023-2033.


Latest News

Call Report – October 3, 2022

The call report details when pastors, teachers, and staff ministers change positions within WELS.
2022/10/03/by Sarah Proeber

Ideas and resources for compassion ministry

Compassion ministry has gotten a lot of attention in the past…
2022/10/03/by WELS

Unexpected booms

We heard that Dickinson, N.D., was booming. A town of 17,000…
2022/09/29/by Marissa Krogmann

Family ties

Santo Tomás Lutheran Church is a congregation that serves the…
2022/09/29/by Mara Rugen

Mentoring a Returning Citizen training

God has richly blessed ministry to the incarcerated as an outreach…
2022/09/28/by WELS

Conversations about solutions and coping

Joan, an elderly member of your church, is slowly losing her…
2022/09/28/by WELS

Training leaders for challenging times

Dear Christian Friend,

Leadership matters—especially as…
2022/09/27/by agoede

Together Video Update – September 27, 2022

Mr. James Rademan, director of WELS Lutheran Schools, explains…
2022/09/27/by WELS

Call Report – September 26, 2022

The call report details when pastors, teachers, and staff ministers change positions within WELS.
2022/09/26/by Sarah Proeber

Aggressively reaching lost souls

Dear Friend,

“Go.” It begins with that one word from our…
2022/09/24/by agoede

100 new missions in 10 years – get involved!

Dear Friend of Missions,

“How can I help?” is a question…
2022/09/23/by agoede

“One Faith, One Family.” – Hmong National Conference 2022

What would lead people to pack into three vehicles at 11:30 p.m.…
2022/09/22/by Mara Rugen


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WELS Connection

WELS Connection – September 2022

Meet Lauren, an adult confirmand and member at Intown Lutheran Church in Atlanta, Ga. Hear how her life was changed by the gospel she heard through a WELS home mission congregation.

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