Connection Call

Sometimes we need to talk it out with someone. Whether it’s a women’s ministry situation at church or a personal passion you’re looking to develop and use as God wills, an encouraging word and focused conversation can make all the difference! If you’re:

• Looking for ideas within your congregation to reconnect and nurture purposeful and intentional relationships

• Searching for solid, Biblically based resources that you can suggest to your pastor for use in your group or on your own

• Curious about what others are doing and responding positively to

• Needing a soundboard or little nudge of affirmation to get unstuck or get over that doubt

• Wanting direction from God’s Word and someone to pray with

We’re here to be your cheerleader and ministry encourager! You are not alone! We’re here to help.

Rachel Halldorson

Rachel loves to connect with like minded women who also love Jesus and are desiring to share that passion with others, wherever God has placed them. Her tool belt includes the sword of the Spirit, prayer in Jesus’ name, doctrinally sound resources, shared ideas from others, and a network of connections that might be of help to you. Rachel has been a part of Women’s Ministry since 2020 and has had the privilege of being mentored and trained by Sally Valleskey. She picked up where Sally left off as Team Chair of Congregational Ministries in 2021. Her own experiences in ministry include almost 20 years of being a pastor’s wife in Canada and currently in Texas. Sign up for your personalized Connection Call with Rachel today!