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Request a mission speaker for your next event! Home, World, and Joint Missions representatives are available to talk about how Christ is working in the hearts of people here in the United States and around the world. Please fill out the form below to provide our office with the details of your request.

Frequently Asked Questions – Mission Speaker Requests

Mission speakers can be requested for mission festival services at church, LWMS rallies, school events and everything in between. Typically, missionaries and other ordained speakers lead mission-themed worship and present on WELS Missions in place of the Bible class on Sundays. Other non-ordained speakers often present in place of Bible class on Sundays and speak at school assemblies, LWMS rallies, and other gatherings.

Past speakers have come from the following groups:

  • Home mission pastors or world missionaries
  • Former world missionaries
  • Home and World Missions administrators
  • Pastoral Studies Institute professors
  • Board for World Missions (BWM) members
  • Board for Home Missions (BHM) members
  • World Missions – Administrative Committee members
  • Home Missions – District Mission Board members
  • Home Missions counselors

Please allow a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks for your request to be processed and speaker to be confirmed. Prior commitments and time zone differences while communicating with potential speakers can take a significant amount of time to work around. If you submit your speaker request less than 6 weeks out from your event date, we will try our best to find a mission speaker but we cannot guarantee one will be confirmed.

September through early November are the busiest times for speaker requests, while the spring and summer months are less requested. Summer last minute requests are easier to fulfill than in fall when many of our speakers have prior speaker engagements.

Once speakers are finalized, your event will be publicized on the WELS Community Events calendar.

While we try our hardest to consider all requests, sometimes specific home or world missionaries are not available. Related speakers such as the World or Home Missions Administrator or members from the committee that oversee the mission field you requested could be assigned.

If you are looking for a world missionary, consider requesting a speaker during the summer months (April-August). World missionaries are often in the United States on furlough during that time and available for speaking engagements.

No. In fact we encourage you leave the date flexible! Flexibility on your part could mean you have a better chance at getting a speaker from a specific mission field of your choice, and it also leaves us with additional options to ensure your request is fulfilled.

As a mission speaker organizer, you are responsible for coordinating logistics with the speaker once one has been assigned to your event as well as publicizing the event. WELS Home or World Missions is willing to contribute a set amount towards every Mission Festival speaker’s travel expenses to help streamline the communication process and ensure every congregation is able to host a Missions speaker.

Please see the Missions Festival Planning Information document for further details on mission speaker honorariums, travel expenses, and how to handle any freewill offerings collected for mission work.

Print resources will be mailed to you or your congregation before your event. The Faces of Faith print piece, Home and World Mission Update sheets, “What Can I Do To Help” postcards, and home and world mission maps will be sent approximately 2-3 weeks before any Mission Festival. All of these resources can be found digitally for use at LWMS Circuit Rallies or school presentations on the WELS Resource Center.

Large Home and World Missions maps can be requested free of charge at wels.net/mag-maps. The maps are 24×36 with a Home Missions map on one side and a World Missions map on the other. Editable bulletin covers, inserts, posters, and digital display slides are available for download to promote your event on the WELS Resource Center.

Artifact kits for various mission fields are available, free of charge, for use in promoting your event. To take advantage of this free resource, reserve your kit online at wels.net/missionkits. If you request a mission kit to accompany your event, the materials will be included in that kit instead of mailed separately (as space allows).

WELS Church Extension Fund (CEF) and WELS Foundation are offering free folders, notepads, name tags, napkins, pens/pencils, and placemats for any organization hosting a Mission Festival or LWMS Circuit Rally. Request your free promotional materials.

If you have any questions about the mission speaker request process or promotional resources that are available to you, please email our missions promotions team at missionspromotions@wels.net.

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