Military Devotions

DEFCON 1 – February 19, 2017

America’s DEFCON system reflects the likelihood of a nuclear war. DEFCON 1 means that an attack is imminent….

Bloodshed – February 12, 2017

There are those who say that it is wrong for a person to serve in the Armed Forces, and that to take a life in combat is murder….

The name is Ishmael – February 5, 2017

He was jealous of his baby brother. Maybe not so unlike other older children who thought…

Peace on Earth – January 29, 2017

The waters raged against earth. Powerful streams gushed from below the surface….

Demonic doubt – January 22, 2017

Satan is a master of strategy. It’s unnerving to recognize that the objective of his clever planning is our spiritual death….


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