Home Missions

WELS Home Missions is blessed to plant churches and assist mission-minded congregations in the United States, Canada, and English-speaking West Indies. Home Missions currently supports 126 congregations with financial subsidy or district mission board/mission counselor assistance, with 26 of those being cross-cultural mission congregations. Home Missions also provides about 30 campus ministries with financial support, while assisting hundreds of other congregations that serve college students around the United States and Canada.

14 District Mission Boards (DMBs), comprised of 2-4 pastors and 2-4 laymen volunteers, work to start new missions and support existing missions in their districts. The DMB chairman and one lay volunteer from each district serve as voting members on the Board for Home Missions. This Board for Home Missions (BHM) meets twice a year to vote on the new starts and enhancement ministries for the next year and set overall direction for WELS Home Missions.

Home Missions Statistics:

  • 126 Home Mission congregations
  • 4 new mission starts/enhancements in 2019
  • 86 new mission starts/enhancements since 2011
  • Home Missions in 36 states, Canada, and three countries in English-speaking West Indies
  • Supports 23 congregations that are part of multi-site ministries
  • 26 cross-cultural missions
  • Financially supports 30 campus ministries

An Inside Look: Starting a New Church

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Home Missions Partners

Church Extension Fund (CEF)

CEF is a valuable partner of Home Missions. CEF provides loans to home mission congregations who are looking to purchase land, build worship facilities, or remodel their current locations. Besides offering loans at affordable rates, they also have a matching grant program that provides additional financial assistance to home mission starts. Since 1993, CEF has provided over $38 million in matching dollars to help offset initial costs of home mission mortgages.

On top of the matching grant program, CEF also provides special grants to Home Missions to support additional ministry. In 2016-2017, CEF approved $837,000 in special grants to home missions. To learn more, visit wels.net/cef.

Praise and Proclaim Ministries

Praise and Proclaim Ministries teaches and equips Christians how to joyfully and confidently share this important message of God’s salvation with others. They provide an immediate, well-organized opportunity for Christians to put their training into action by conducting a door-to-door canvassing experience to proclaim the gospel. By participating in a Praise and Proclaim outreach campaign, members of congregations learn how to engage, proclaim, and invite neighbors and friends to hear the gospel. Many WELS Home Missions are taking advantage of Praise and Proclaim as a part of their overall outreach strategy. To learn more about this ministry and how your congregation might use it, visit praiseandproclaim.com.

Truth in Love Ministry

Truth in Love Ministry was founded by Pastor Mark Cares to reach Mormons with the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ. The ministry’s distinctive outreach approve has been recognized worldwide. To learn more about this ministry, please visit www.tilm.org.