Call Reports

The call reports detail when pastors, teachers, and staff ministers change positions within WELS. The Conference of Presidents oversees and coordinates the calling process. Previous reports are listed below; at the bottom of this page you can also search previous reports or view the full archive.

NOTE: Due to the upcoming holiday, the next call report will be posted on Tuesday, May 29.

NOTE: From now on future service changes such as retirements, resignations, positions eliminated, etc., will appear on the call report that includes the date that they are reported rather than the call report that contains the effective date of the service change.

*CRM: “Candidatus Reverendi Ministerii.” This means that a person does not currently hold a divine call but is eligible to receive one. He is a “Candidate for the Holy Ministry.”


Looking for resources to help you with your ministry? They are now housed on the WELS Resource Center, WELS’ download center for called workers and congregational leaders.

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