TELL Network

Training leaders for Christ

Learn about TELL from Director Nate Seiltz

The Program

TELL Network provides Bible study curriculum focused on leadership training for students across the globe, preparing them to gather groups, lead Bible studies, and plant churches. TELL is both the program name and a representation of the method used to teach the Bible: Think, Evaluate, Learn, and Lead. The training method is customized across four programs offered in English, Mandarin, Spanish, and Tagalog.

Students gain knowledge and confidence to lead others to the saving message of the gospel using the straight-forward and easy to remember training method. Based off the original Academia Cristo (TELL Spanish) curriculum, TELL Network students complete video courses, participate in live Zoom courses with theologically trained instructors, and learn to lead groups in their own communities.

The Process

  • Complete Self-Study Courses

    Dedicate a few hours to completing beginner video lessons online.

  • Join LIVE Classes

    Participate in LIVE Zoom classes with seminary-trained instructors.

  • Learn to Lead

    Connect with a personal mentor and multiply your impact.

Offered in


Academia Cristo brings the gospel to Latin America, making disciples through biblical instruction so that they can bring the good news of Jesus Christ to others. Learn more at


ISIP (TELL Tagalog) TELL Network’s newest addition, was created as a response to a need from our national church in Manila, Philippines. Learn more at


找寻圣带 (TELL Mandarin) begins with online self-study courses as a prerequisite to entering pre-seminary training through Asia Lutheran Seminary. Learn more at

TELL (English)

Fulfilling WELS World Missions’ vision to reach the English-speaking world with the gospel in a new way, TELL English trains English speakers around the globe through its online Bible study curriculum. TELL strives to make e-learning accessible, even when students live in remote areas with limited internet access. Many TELL students do not own personal computers; they attend live classes using their phones. An intentional use of the latest technology makes it possible for anyone to learn Biblical truths and share those truths with others. View a sample TELL Bible lesson!

5,000 new students in 2023 from 40+ countries

400 students enrolled in advanced coursework

1M+ followers on six regional Facebook pages

40K+ monthly visitors to the website

Student testimonials

I found TELL is a very wonderful platform to be able to achieve training because…teachings are very easy to understand…and also the classes are very interactive.

Andrew from Nigeria - MLP TELL

TELL has increased my knowledge of God’s Word. I’ve been able to share with others both believers and unbelievers.

TELL Network has helped me a lot. Finding TELL method is by the grace of God. This method is very simple and I understand the Bible very well so far.

I was looking for free bible study classes. Spiritually, I’ve grown after just a few classes and I can now convey God’s messages clearer.

TELL trains me to know the gospel I am supposed to preach to my people. I say “Wow!” TELL brought me out from my problems and gave me new life.

I know I am called for mission work, but I need proper training. Today I am using the TELL method to do all my preaching in my local church and on radio.

I’m very happy and thank God for TELL; it is a blessing to me. I read the Bible, and I am teaching the Bible. This method really helps me to know the Bible more.

The live classroom lets you meet other people in TELL. It was cool. TELL has led me to develop more spiritually, and know the love of Jesus more.

TELL courses explain the profound in a way that is easy-to-understand. The method of using a Bible story to illustrate a theme for each lesson is very helpful for learning, understanding, and memory.

Meet TELL teachers

TELL Network’s exponential growth has resulted in an immediate need for male instructors to teach TELL classes in English. If you or someone you know might be interested in this opportunity, learn more at