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Kids Connection presents “My School!”

Every school is unique. “My School” is a NEW contest where Kids Connection will come to your school and film a story about the unique ministry at your school. It could be a grade school, a high school, a prep school, a Sunday school, an early childhood. All you have to do is send Kids Connection an email with your unique story idea!

Kids Connection is a video news magazine featuring interesting and spiritually uplifting stories about people, places, and programs around WELS. Its mission is to illustrate—through example and examination of Christian lives—the purpose, excitement, and joy of a living faith in Jesus Christ. Each episode encourages viewers to “Stay connected to Jesus.”

Implemented by the WELS Commission on Youth and Family Ministry, Kids Connection was born out of a desire from teachers and pastors who wanted a WELS Connection-style video with a message targeted to kids. Nine episodes are made each year, one for each month of the school year.

Producer Steve Boettcher says, “We want to connect Christian kids to other Christian kids, showing there are other schools like theirs and other Christians like them across the nation in WELS.” The goal, he explains, is to highlight young Christians as much as possible in the videos, including the high school-aged hosts of each episode.

How can your congregation use Kids Connection?

Try these ideas:

In Your Lutheran Elementary School

  • All-school chapel
  • Pass it among the classrooms for lunch viewing
  • Keep past copies in the library for kids (and adults) to check out
  • Use the subscriber letter and discussion questions as a discussion starter (our synod’s missions, worker training schools, stories of faith, etc.)

In Your Church

  • Sunday School
  • Adult or family Bible class
  • In church viewing opposite week from WELS Connection
  • Share among families with young children who may not attend a Lutheran elementary school
  • Take along on shut-in visits
  • View in ladies’ groups or social gatherings
  • Homeschoolers
  • Families to take for home devotion or discussion

Nearly 300 WELS schools and churches already subscribe to Kids Connection. To help the youth at your school or congregation stay connected to Jesus, fill out the online subscription form. Contact the Discipleship office with questions.

Find the Kids Connection leader guides on the Resource Center.