Online Referral

Special Ministries can supply devotions and other spiritual help and teaching tools to military members, inmates, special needs individuals. Click on  link below to submit an online referral for someone who can benefit from Special Ministries’ materials.

About the referral form

  • WELS Military Services uses referrals to maintain contact and offer spiritual resources to the men and women who are serving their country. It’s estimated that more than 1,500 WELS members are in the U.S. military, at U.S. installations and overseas, though only about 20 percent of them are referred for ministry at this crucial time in life. Part of the plan to reach all WELS military personnel is making the referral form easier to find and to submit names.
  • WELS Prison Ministry serves 1,500 correctional institutions across our country, primarily via a popular Bible study program. Inmates who desire additional ministry can be connected with local WELS pastors, chaplains, or congregations where possible. Prison Ministry referral is one way that concerned individuals can make sure their family members, friends, and others who are incarcerated receive Christ-centered law/gospel ministry.
  • WELS Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Ministry (IDDM) has a ministry by mail called “He Cares – We Care.” He Cares – We Care sends out seasonal cards, letters, and Christian items to people who are developmentally disabled. The referral form helps WELS members enroll loved ones in a ministry-by-mail program, which provides Christ-centered, simplified messages for those who are developmentally disabled.


WELS Special Ministries provides resources for individuals and familes nationwide. Consider supporting these ministries with your prayers and gifts.