This Little Light of Mine – Week of February 12, 2024

For God, who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” made his light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of God’s glory displayed in the face of Christ.

2 Corinthians 4:6

My family visited a cave in the Burren Region of Ireland. Carved from limestone, the cave has magnificent caverns, chasms and even a waterfall. At one place during the tour, the guide told us to hold on to the railing (and our children!) before they turned out the lights. It was SO dark! Deep underground there is no light at all. The guide said that this intense darkness could even cause people to lose sense of direction, lose their balance and fall.

The devil works really hard to keep people from seeing “the light” of Jesus. Without the light of Jesus, we stumble and fall. The devil wants us to stay lost and unbalanced, separated from our God. The devil fights to keep us from sharing this light with others and will use anything in this world to try to keep us from knowing and sharing the truth in God’s Word.

When we try to be the light for others on our own, we fail. Oh, we try to serve others and live a life that pleases God, but we can’t do this on our own. God created light in this world, and he also creates light in our hearts. God beat the devil when he sent Jesus, the light of the world, to live and die for us.
Now that God has rescued us from our problem of sin, we want to share that light with others. We reflect the light of Jesus when we serve those people that he placed in our lives. God gave us a glimpse of his glory through Jesus, and he wants us to share that “light” with everyone.

When we walk through our days on earth, it might sometimes feel as if we are in a dark cave. We lose our balance when we forget to cling to Jesus, the true light of the world. We see a little piece of God’s glory every time we read and study his Word. When we read the Bible, we hear the love story of Jesus coming into the world to die for us. The light of Jesus works in our heart, preparing us for our work here on earth. May we continue to let our light shine for Jesus, the light of the world!

Christian Worship 884
Lord, when your glory I shall see and taste your kingdom’s pleasure,
Your blood my royal robe shall be, my joy beyond all measure!
When I appear before your throne, your righteousness shall be my crown;
With these I need not hide me. And there, in garments richly wrought,
As your own bride I shall be brought, to stand in joy beside you.

A Question to Consider:
Who has God sent to be in your life as a “light” for him? How can you be a “light” to others?

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