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The WELS Military Services Committee provides spiritual services to WELS members and others who serve in the United States Armed Forces, including those in the National Guard and the Reserves.

The committee carries out its mission through a full-time civilian chaplain in Europe, and a national civilian chaplain and liaison to the military, and a network of WELS military contact pastors across the United States.

As WELS’ national civilian chaplain and liaison to the military, Pastor Paul Horn maintains regular contact with many WELS troops and their families. He orients, trains, and mentors new WELS military contact pastors.  Military Services offers military contact pastors online training resources at and regularly conducts training conferences for them. When WELS military families need Christian counseling, Pastor Horn provides a referral to WLCFS Christian Family Solutions, where therapists with understanding of military life provide video counseling. Several, if not all, of the therapy sessions are covered financially by Military Services Member Assistance Program, funded though a grant from Lutheran Military Support Group, an organization of WELS and ELS veterans.

One hundred twenty-two WELS pastors who live near military installations in the continental U.S. and select nations overseas stand ready to serve our military personnel and their families as part-time WELS civilian chaplains.

Send the names and addresses of those serving in the military or living in Europe via the online referral form or to the Commission on Special Ministries at N16W23377 Stone Ridge Drive, Waukesha, WI 53188.

For more information about WELS ministry to the military, you can find useful information on the Military Services FAQ.


Make God’s Word and Sacrament available to our actively serving military personnel and their families.


When you or a loved one is stationed stateside, a nearby WELS pastor and congregation are ready to serve with Word and Sacraments. Over a hundred WELS pastors have been asked to serve area military installations as “Military Contact Pastors.”

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Do you or someone you know serve in the Armed Forces? Military personnel (including National Guard and the Reserves) can receive devotions and other spiritual help materials in the mail or by email. Please complete the online referral form.

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Find the accompanying video guides and more resources from Military Services for new recruits, active duty military members, and the churches who serve them on the WELS Resource Center.

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