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Light it up!

God lit up sin-darkened Magi hearts with Jesus the Light. Jesus…
2018/01/05/by Sarah Proeber

Heart to heart: Parent conversations : Should we encourage our kids to make resolutions?

What should we do when our children grow silent?

I always…
2018/01/01/by Sarah Proeber

Come, Lord Jesus, be our guest : Part 2

Nourished by meals with the Messiah

Joel S. Heckendorf

2018/01/01/by Sarah Proeber

Light for our path: Satan rendered powerless?

Since Jesus has crushed Satan’s head (Genesis 3:15), doesn’t…
2018/01/01/by Sarah Proeber

Confident and persistent prayer

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock…
2018/01/01/by Sarah Proeber

Monuments: Lasting memories – Part 9

Milestone moments and unexpected crises are the perfect opportunities…
2018/01/01/by Sarah Proeber

Teen Talk: Thankfulness

Sometimes our “thank yous” become only words. We can become more…
2017/12/31/by Sarah Proeber

Connecting congregations to Hispanic communities

Julie K. Wietzke 

Different histories, one future 

2017/12/31/by Sarah Proeber

Something to think about

Imagine what our Christmas celebration might look like to an…
2017/12/31/by Sarah Proeber

Two communities, one church

It was a sunny, early 2016 December Saturday when the phone…
2017/12/31/by Sarah Proeber

Salt of the earth: Part 6

I must find strength in God’s promises to carry out his words…
2017/12/31/by Sarah Proeber

God’s love: Our song forever – Part 6

With the long-lasting impact hymns can have, throwing some lines…
2017/12/31/by Sarah Proeber

Confessions of faith: Medina

After growing up with the idea that God seeks to punish believers,…
2017/12/31/by Sarah Proeber

“God” is not enough

Jeffrey L. Samelson 

“Dad, I don’t understand why you’re…
2017/12/31/by Sarah Proeber

Book Nook – December 2017

In this 500th anniversary of the Reformation, Pastor Nathaniel Biebert brings…
2017/12/31/by Sarah Proeber
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