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Abiding truth: Part: 2

Luther identified the doctrine of justification as the doctrine…
2017/02/21/by Briana Lambrecht

Historic merger leads to formation of present-day synod

The year 2017 is receiving much attention for being the 500th…
2017/02/15/by Briana Lambrecht

What it means to be truly Lutheran: Faith alone

Faith alone Joel D. Otto How does a person have a right…
2017/02/01/by Briana Lambrecht

Heart to heart: Parent conversations: How do parents go about identifying positive role models?

It’s easy to identify bad role models, but how do parents go…
2017/02/01/by Briana Lambrecht

New Luther movie explores confessional Lutheran truths

When the Reformation 500 Committee was formed in 2009 to prepare…
2017/02/01/by Briana Lambrecht

Confessions of faith: Woods

A woman discovers the Lord’s guidance along an often difficult…
2017/02/01/by Briana Lambrecht

Forever loved

Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble…
2017/02/01/by Briana Lambrecht

The trust app

What takes years to build, seconds to break, and a miracle to…
2017/01/31/by Briana Lambrecht

Noble Christian

The life of a believer gives us an example of noble Christian…
2017/01/31/by Briana Lambrecht

The ripple effect: Silas

After Jesus’ ascension, believers spread the gospel around…
2017/01/31/by Briana Lambrecht

Graduation at Asia Lutheran Seminary

Six men from East Asia were among 27 students who received a…
2017/01/31/by Briana Lambrecht

Where are they now?

In Forward in Christ, we report the news but aren’t always…
2017/01/31/by Briana Lambrecht


John A. Braun When we are comfortable and everything is smooth…
2017/01/31/by Briana Lambrecht

Open your Catechism: Part 4

The Lord’s Prayer comes from the lips of Jesus as he teaches…
2017/01/31/by Briana Lambrecht

Conference highlights multi-site strategy

A recent conference highlighted a rising strategy for expanding…
2017/01/31/by Briana Lambrecht
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