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Reflections of a mother

A card on Mother’s Day brings memories of God’s strength…
2017/05/10/by Sarah Proeber

What it means to be truly Lutheran: Lord’s Supper

Joel D. Otto

Teachings about the Lord’s Supper separate…
2017/05/05/by Sarah Proeber

A new way to support MLC students

A new program is allowing congregations to further support sons…
2017/05/04/by Sarah Proeber

Monuments: Lasting memories

Noah built an altar as he stepped off the ark to show his gratitude…
2017/05/01/by Sarah Proeber

Heart to heart: Parent conversations : How do we keep our children safe online?

How do we balance law and gospel with our children?

I don’t…
2017/05/01/by Sarah Proeber

Light for our path: Does WELS focus too much on Martin Luther?

“Does our church body focus too much on Martin Luther?”

2017/05/01/by Sarah Proeber

Abiding truth: Part 5

Our confidence as we face life and death is not based on faith,…
2017/05/01/by Sarah Proeber

Called to proclaim

Later Jesus appeared to the Eleven as they were eating; he rebuked…
2017/05/01/by Sarah Proeber

An eternal-life perspective

Easter changes the way we look at our time here on earth.

2017/04/30/by Sarah Proeber

Worker training opportunities around the world

WELS has 41 serving around the world. But, according to Larry…
2017/04/30/by Sarah Proeber


John A. Braun

The bullets always ricocheted off the boulders…
2017/04/30/by Sarah Proeber

Planting the seed of God’s Word with international students

Did you know?

During the 2016–17 school year, 435 international…
2017/04/30/by Sarah Proeber

Teen talk: Do you believe this?

Christ, who lived and died and rose again so that we could be…
2017/04/30/by Sarah Proeber

Movie A Return to Grace premieres

On Feb. 15, almost 800 people attended the premiere of A Return…
2017/04/30/by Sarah Proeber

Connecting Chinese people with the gospel

Rachel Hartman and Timothy Bourman

A worldwide effort

2017/04/30/by Sarah Proeber
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