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Called to serve: Katharina von Bora Luther

God provided Luther’s wife with many different opportunities…
2017/10/19/by Sarah Proeber

Semper reformanda

Andrew C. Schroer 

Let me tell you a little parable: 

2017/10/15/by Sarah Proeber

Maintaining the faith in a secular college

Secular colleges engulf WELS students in new, even unchristian, ideas—but students shouldn’t…
2017/10/12/by Sarah Proeber

What it means to be truly Lutheran: The church is believers in Jesus

Joel D. Otto

In Luther’s days, there were differing views…
2017/10/01/by Sarah Proeber

Abiding truth: Part 10

Gospel freedom is often a Reformation truth we take for granted.  

Wade R. Johnston 

What has become…
2017/10/01/by Sarah Proeber

The sounds of the Reformation

We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the…
2017/10/01/by Sarah Proeber

God’s love: Our song forever – Part 4

Luther’s key musical reform of the church was that his hymns…
2017/10/01/by Sarah Proeber

Light for our path: Martin Luther vs. books

Why was Martin Luther against so many of the books that are in…
2017/10/01/by Sarah Proeber

Scripture alone!

A lesson for the next generation is to continue to depend…
2017/10/01/by Sarah Proeber

Celebrating the Reformation

WELS congregations are using the 500th anniversary of the Reformation…
2017/09/30/by Sarah Proeber

Love times a hundred

A couple show Christ’s love through fostering special-needs…
2017/09/30/by Sarah Proeber

Confessions of faith: Singh Family

A couple who grew up in a mix of religions now knows the one…
2017/09/30/by Sarah Proeber

Your kingdom come

John A. Braun

Believers have always longed for the Lord’s…
2017/09/30/by Sarah Proeber

The power of encouragement

A lesson from camp teaches us all the importance of encouraging…
2017/09/30/by Sarah Proeber

Building on the foundation

Mark G. Schroeder

Parenting is full of responsibilities. God…
2017/09/30/by Sarah Proeber
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