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Moments with Missionaries: Tomsk, Russia

Tabitha and Karl Mueller-St. Cyr

Hello! We are Tabitha and…
2017/03/16/by Sarah Proeber

In like a lamb, out like a lion

A familiar proverb points us to God’s Lamb and our salvation.

2017/03/09/by Sarah Proeber

What it means to be truly Lutheran: The means of grace

Joel D. Otto

As Martin Luther carried out his reformation,…
2017/03/01/by Sarah Proeber

Inspecting our spiritual DNA

We should love one another. Do not be like Cain, who belonged…
2017/03/01/by Sarah Proeber

Light for our path: Where did Jesus go?

Where did Jesus go when he died? I am having a discussion with…
2017/03/01/by Sarah Proeber

Abiding truth: Part: 3

How are you saved? Lutherans in our circles find that an easy…
2017/03/01/by Sarah Proeber

The ripple effect: Lydia

After Jesus’ ascension, the believers spread the gospel around…
2017/03/01/by Sarah Proeber

Reaching the Vietnamese at Home and Abroad

Truly valuable
Mrs. Quý Thi Nguyen has always been a strong…
2017/02/28/by Briana Lambrecht

Like a star shining in the night

Sometimes fear makes us forget that we can come to God anytime.

2017/02/28/by Briana Lambrecht

New Christian Standard Bible benefits from input of WELS Bible scholars

A revised version of the Holman Christian Standard Bible is now…
2017/02/28/by Briana Lambrecht

Beware the headlines

Mark G. Schroeder

Last fall, you may have seen a headline…
2017/02/28/by Briana Lambrecht

How big is your God?: Part 2

God is present everywhere and is unchanging. He is all-knowing…
2017/02/28/by Briana Lambrecht

Open your Catechism: Part 5

Forgiveness is a daily need for all Christians, and God provides…
2017/02/28/by Briana Lambrecht

Light for our path: Should I take Communion?

I was raised and confirmed WELS. Recently I had sex before marriage,…
2017/02/28/by Briana Lambrecht

The ripple effect: Simon the tanner

After Jesus’ ascension, the believers spread the gospel around…
2017/02/28/by Briana Lambrecht
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