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Reaching Native Christians: Part 2

Despite challenges, the Word of the Lord continues to grow on…
2018/05/23/by Sarah Proeber

Witnessing: We are light: Empowered by the Holy Spirit: Part 2

When Jesus said, “You are my witnesses,” he also promised…
2018/05/18/by Sarah Proeber

One church—two locations 

In 2014, Divine Peace, Garland, Texas, began discussing the idea…
2018/05/17/by Sarah Proeber

By faith, not by sight

We are here to follow the Savior’s voice through the darkness…
2018/05/11/by Sarah Proeber

Witnessing: Our reason for being: Part 1

Jesus told his disciples, “You will be my witnesses,” and…
2018/05/11/by Sarah Proeber

Come, Lord Jesus, be our guest : Part 6

Nourished by meals with the Messiah

Joel S. Heckendorf

Were not…
2018/05/01/by Sarah Proeber

Majoring on the minors – Part 4

Amos: What if God had asked you?

Thomas D. Kock

Amos wasn’t…
2018/05/01/by Sarah Proeber

Jesus’ victory is a given

“Why am I so favored, that the mother of my Lord should come…
2018/05/01/by Sarah Proeber

Confessions of faith: Ally

After worrying for years that she was carrying sins from her…
2018/05/01/by Sarah Proeber

Heart to heart: Parent conversations: What do new moms really need to know?

What do new moms really need to know?

One of the purposes…
2018/05/01/by Sarah Proeber

Salt of the earth: Part 11

So much death! Why? Evil oppresses us and seeks to squeeze the…
2018/05/01/by Sarah Proeber

Light for our path: Changing translation of the Lord’s Prayer

There have been news stories of Pope Francis wanting his church…
2018/05/01/by Sarah Proeber


Andrew C. Schroer

It all began with an edict by Pope Gregory…
2018/04/30/by Sarah Proeber

Social media expands reach and offers more connections

It started with wanting to offer more women in a congregation…
2018/04/30/by Sarah Proeber

New start in South America

This summer two missionaries from the One Latin America (1LA)…
2018/04/30/by Sarah Proeber
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