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Light for our path: Should a Christian support the death penalty?

Should a Christian support the death penalty?

James F. Pope

2017/08/01/by Sarah Proeber

Monuments: Lasting memories – Part 4

As an altar reminded Abraham of a death that didn’t happen,…
2017/08/01/by Sarah Proeber

Great things for me!

And Mary said: “My soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices…
2017/08/01/by Sarah Proeber

Abiding truth: Part 8

In Baptism and Holy Communion, God gives us forgiveness, life,…
2017/08/01/by Sarah Proeber

Heart to heart: Parent conversations : My child lied to me. Now what?

 My child lied to me. Now what?

Dealing with lying makes…
2017/08/01/by Sarah Proeber

What it means to be truly Lutheran: Vocation: Serving God and others

Joel D. Otto

Monasticism received a lot of attention from…
2017/08/01/by Sarah Proeber

Updated tool to find WELS churches

The WELS Locator tool has received a makeover. The trusted online…
2017/07/31/by Sarah Proeber

The word of the Lord continues to spread

Mark G. Schroeder

It’s a phrase that occurs many times in…
2017/07/31/by Sarah Proeber

Our Father in heaven

John A. Braun

“Our Father in heaven.”

How often have…
2017/07/31/by Sarah Proeber

Pre-Convention News

WELS’ 64th biennial convention is being held at Luther Preparatory…
2017/07/31/by Sarah Proeber

Confessions of faith: Gruber

After a couple rejects religion, two postcards serve as their…
2017/07/31/by Sarah Proeber

Salt of the earth: Part 2

Acts of love and devotion can create opportunities for us to…
2017/07/31/by Sarah Proeber

Mocking millennials

Andrew C. Schroer

Man buns and skinny jeans. Shaggy beards…
2017/07/31/by Sarah Proeber

Love you all!! Keep praying!

Life’s unexpected trouble gives us all an opportunity to show…
2017/07/31/by Sarah Proeber

Summer on campus

Work continues in campus ministries, even when college students…
2017/07/31/by Sarah Proeber
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