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We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

Sean Young, Director of Missions Operations, and his wife Kirsten…
2018/01/11/by Marissa Krogmann

Not a Bite Left, but a Hunger for More

We wanted all members to come together for fellowship. It didn’t…
2018/01/04/by Marissa Krogmann

Time to Tell the Story

One of the many differences about living and working in East…
2017/12/29/by Marissa Krogmann

A Most Blessed, Christ-filled Christmas from Malawi

Written by Missionary John Holtz for his Mission Partner Newsletter…
2017/12/21/by Marissa Krogmann

Immediate Blessings in Atlanta, GA

On August 29th, my family and I moved to a neighborhood near…
2017/12/21/by Marissa Krogmann

Christmas Expo and a Logo

Getting your church’s name out into the community can be a…
2017/12/14/by Marissa Krogmann

Mexico – Not Quite Potlucks and Pipe Organs

I’m a pretty WELSie (WELSy?) guy. I could bore you with details,…
2017/12/07/by Marissa Krogmann

What Do You Really Need?

What do you need to hold public worship services? I mean, what…
2017/11/30/by Marissa Krogmann

Thankful to Be Let Go

“I’m sorry, but I can’t be your teacher anymore ...”

2017/11/16/by Marissa Krogmann

Reformation Rain

Written by Missionary John Holtz for his Mission Partner Newsletter…
2017/11/09/by Marissa Krogmann

It’s All About Building Relationships

When I accepted the call to be a church planter in Coeur d’Alene,…
2017/11/02/by Marissa Krogmann

Grace in Indonesia

For the past 14 years, Gereja Lutheran Indonesia (GLI) has been…
2017/10/26/by Marissa Krogmann
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