Missions Blogs

The Voice of a Grandmother-Denver, Colo.

I am reminded of your sincere faith, which first lived in your…
2017/06/26/by missions

Facing Challenges While Remaining Faithful, Thailand

Working in a foreign field is not only exciting, it’s challenging. …
2017/06/15/by missions

From Growing Plants to Growing Faith, Carbon Valley, Colo.

“We are buying a former nursery for our new church.”

2017/06/08/by missions

Earning the Right to be Heard, Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Seven months into the preschool year and patience pays off. You…
2017/06/02/by missions

Multi-Language Publications reaching Malawi and beyond

Imagine if you could speak 47 different languages. Suppose you…
2017/05/18/by missions

Renewal in Castle Rock, Colo.

In Castle Rock, Colo., getting under contract is super-exciting…
2017/05/11/by missions

Encouragement in Watertown, New York

On-going ministry in Watertown, New York.
Not too long ago…
2017/05/04/by missions

A Water Festival at Easter Time, Thailand

In Thailand the month of April is often considered to be the…
2017/04/27/by missions

Easter in a Cemetery, India

Indian Christians have a wonderful Easter tradition. Like Christians…
2017/04/13/by missions

Ground breaking in Las Vegas

​After nearly eight years meeting in a strip mall worship facility,…
2017/04/07/by missions

There Are No Crocs in Malawi, Africa

Feeling a bit warm?
Any hot flashes?
Think you have a fever?
2017/03/30/by missions


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