Book nook: 2000 Demons: No Match for my Savior

“Thousand, thousand thanks shall be, dearest Jesus, unto thee” (Christian Worship 114) is the hymn refrain that was resonating in my heart and mind after reading E. Allen Sorum’s 2000 Demons: No Match for My Savior.

Early in the book, Sorum provides an eye-opening dose of reality when he introduces the book’s core theme: “If not for the constant protection Jesus of Nazareth has given us up to this very moment, the demons would likely have us all naked, screaming, bleeding and living in burial caves.”

What is your perspective on demons? Does the very thought of evil spirits leave you feeling anxious? Or perhaps you are skeptical about whether or not demons could actually even have any bearing on your everyday life? Four different composite characters are used in the book to bring to life four different modern-day perspectives on evil spirits. But the best perspective is gained as the book affords the reader a comprehensive look at one single day in the life of Jesus—all through the eyes of each of the characters detailed in the gospel writer Mark’s account. It’s a day that included the account of Jesus exercising his supreme authority by permitting Legion to be sent from the tomb-dwelling, demon-possessed man into a herd of pigs numbering about two thousand.

Practical study questions are included at the end of each chapter, which are sure to foster discussion in a group study setting. But laced throughout each chapter are thought-provoking questions that kept me engaged and caused me to continually self-apply what I was digesting. And what I digested was a book void of theological jargon, but packed with relevant anecdotes; a book that did in fact change my perspective on demons and my Savior by leading me to a greater understanding and appreciation for the work that Jesus continues to do to protect his believers from the constant attacks of Satan and his demon associates. “Thousand, thousand thanks shall be, dearest Jesus, unto thee!”

Adam Sipe
Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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Volume 104, Number 4
Issue: April 2017

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