Reformation portrait quiz

Match the caption with the portrait.


  1. Pope Julius II mourning the loss of Bologna by his army in battle.
  2. Henry VIII opposed Luther but later made England Protestant instead of Catholic.
  3. Erasmus, a humanist scholar and critic of the Pope, issued a Greek New Testament but did not follow Luther.
  4. Elector John of Saxony supported Luther and the Reformation.
  5. Jan Huss, critic of the Roman Catholic Church, was executed for heresy by the Council of Constance.
  6. Philip Melanchthon joined the Wittenberg faculty and became a collaborator with Martin Luther.
  7. Luther the Monk in Wittenberg.
  8. Philip of Hesse was a strong supporter of the Reformation and helped develop the Smalcald League to defend Lutherans.
  9. Frederick the Wise, Elector of Saxony, protected Luther.
  10. Ulrich Zwingli, a reformer who opposed Luther on the Sacrament of Holy Communion.
  11. Young Charles V became emperor of the Holy Roman Empire at age 20.
  12. Katherine von Bora, Luther’s wife.
  13. Duke George of Saxony became a fierce opponent of Luther and the Reformation.
  14. Elector John Frederick, champion of the Reformation, remained firm in his Lutheran faith and opposed Charles V.
  15. Pope Leo X issued the bull of excommunication against Luther.
  16. Charles V convened the Diet of Worms and summoned Luther to attend.
  17. Charles V defeated the Smalcald League but abdicated after his later defeat by Maurice of Saxony.
  18. Luther disguised as Knight George while at the Wartburg Castle.
  19. Maurice of Saxony first helped defeat the Smalcald League and then switched sides and defeated Charles V.
  20. Martin Luther returned to Wittenberg to restore order.
  21. Lucas Cranach portrait of Luther given to Lutherans in Venice, Italy.
  22. Francis I of France opposed Charles V in a series of wars, which prevented Charles from concentrating on the Reformation
  23. “The Word of God Remains Forever.” Motto was used by Frederick the Wise and then also by the Smalcald League.

Answer key for portrait quiz:

6Luther’s rose10119
14211720Luther’s rose


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