60 years of presenting “Sermons in Songs”

“What makes our group so special,” says Levi Nagel, “and why it has been such a success for 60 years, is that we proclaim the truths of Scripture through the beautiful art form of choral music. . . . When one attends our concerts, they hear a message about the wonders of God through Jesus our Savior. Concert-goers hear this through many different styles of church music, from classical pieces to African-American spirituals-there’s something for everyone!” 

Nagel is speaking of The Lutheran Chorale of Milwaukee, of which he currently serves as assistant director. The Lutheran Chorale of Milwaukee includes 64 members who hail from about 30 Milwaukee-area churches. The chorale presents two full-length concerts each year-one near Christmas and one in the spring-and also sings for special services. This year’s spring concert will mark the chorale’s 60th anniversary. It will be performed April 22 at 1:30 and 4 p.m. at Grace, Milwaukee, Wis.  

Mary Prange, the chorale’s director for 25 years, notes, “The chorale has changed very little over the 60 years of its existence. The biggest change has probably been the emergence of extremely capable WELS instrumentalists who have added their talents to the concerts. The motto of the chorale has always been “Sermons in Song.” That has not changed and hopefully will never change!”   

The April concert will commemorate Prange’s retirement as director. Nagel will then take over. 

“Mary Prange has had a profound and lasting impact on the Lutheran Chorale of Milwaukee,” says Nagel. “I have been asked many times what changes I’ll be making. The truth is, all directors puts their own ‘flavor’ into the music of a choir. My musical tastes will come through in our repertoire, but I intend to continue to use some of the chorale ‘standards,’ which people have come to expect. I can say what won’t change-we will continue to proclaim the truths of Scripture and the gospel message of Jesus, who alone gives us a reason to sing!”  

For more information, visit lutheranchorale.org 


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Volume 105, Number 3
Issue: March 2018

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