Let your light shine

In the spirit of Matthew 5:16, we’re sharing examples of people who live their faith.

More than 175 people participated in Faith in Action Day at Trinity, Crete, Ill., on Oct. 17. Many more were involved through donations of food, clothing, and money.

Lori Lorig, who helps coordinate Trinity’s Member Ministry program, explains that Trinity began hosting an annual Faith in Action Day in 2010 to give members an opportunity to respond to what Jesus has done for them and to experience the joy of serving together. Lorig says, “Faith in Action Day is a day on which we respond to God’s love and mercy by a concerted effort to serve others in the church, school, community, and world.”

As the program has developed, Trinity has joined forces with families from Zion, a fellow WELS congregation, and Illinois Lutheran Schools, both in Crete. The response has been overwhelming and makes a real impact on those they serve.

For example, Illinois Lutheran High School students organized a community-wide food drive for the local food pantry. This year more than 4,000 items were collected, plus 1,000 pounds of pasta were donated by a local warehouse. The food pantry’s shelves were bare when the students arrived but overflowing once the students stocked the shelves with the donations.

Some other projects included collecting and organizing items to help local shelters, collecting and packing items for college students and military personnel, delivering thank-you platters to local first responders, painting cow-shaped banks for a world mission project (see below), and participating in an Adopt-a-Highway cleanup project.

Lorig says that the church looks for ways to help and serve those in need, because meeting people’s physical needs often provides opportunities to share Jesus with them. In keeping with that thought, the theme for this year’s event was “Do everything in love.”

On the Sunday following its Faith in Action Day, Trinity celebrates Ministry Appreciation Day. This gives the congregation an opportunity to cele- brate everyone who gives of their time and talents throughout the year, including called workers who are celebrating milestone anniversary years.

“Many individuals have been blessed through these efforts,” reports Lorig, “and whenever someone asks why we do this, the answer is always because of what Jesus has done for us. It truly is remarkable to see what God can accomplish through his people in a very short amount of time. To God be the glory!”



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Issue: March 2016

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