Book Nook: The Mom God Chose : Sarah Habben

The Mom God Chose: Mothering like Mary

Upon reading the first few pages of The Mom God Chose: Mothering Like Mary, I had to wonder what I, a woman who was referred to as being of Advanced Maternal Age throughout her entire first pregnancy, could have in common with Mary. I am a thirty-something with a one-year-old! What could I learn from a teenager living centuries before me in a very different setting and time? Nevertheless, I ventured further into the book and am glad I did.

Author Sarah Habben writes a book that’s part history lesson, part examination of contemporary motherhood, and part devotion for the modern mother.

As we follow the story of Jesus’ conception, birth, life, and ultimate resurrection, the author examines the qualities that Mary possesses as the chosen mother of the Savior. We see that these qualities are not wisdom beyond her years, nor a depth of experience. Rather she has an unwavering faith in God’s promise and Word. Through hardship and trial she remembers that it is her job to raise the son of God, and that Jesus’ purpose is not for her ultimate happiness but to deliver the world from sin.

Through interviews with modern mothers facing a multitude of situations, readers gain knowledge and encouragement. Topics range from how to teach children to pray, how to raise children confident in their faith, and how to deal with technology in your children’s lives.

Each chapter concludes with a number of questions to ponder. And, finally, each chapter is wrapped in prayer.

Habben ultimately shows mothers that, though parenting can be a scary and intimidating task, if we rely less on flawed human understanding and realize God’s ultimate control, we will be able to worry less and mother better—mother like Mary.

Kristen Zimmerman
Eden Prairie, Minnesota



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Volume 102, Number 12
Issue: December 2015

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