A timeless message for a new generation

“So often we look at life through the lens of the world—striving to get ahead, to carve out a piece of the pie for ourselves,” says Tim Lehman, president and CEO of Time of Grace Ministry, “but we often fall short or just feel overwhelmed. Your Time of Grace wants to bring people a completely different perspective than that worldview, a perspective that comes directly from God’s Word and is firmly rooted in God’s grace and the freedom it brings to our lives.”

Your Time of Grace is a new ministry that offers daily video devotions from WELS pastors. The two- to three-minute videos are released on Facebook and YouTube Monday through Friday. Lehman says that the vision for Your Time of Grace is that by sharing the good news of Jesus, an online community of believers is formed that can receive encouragement from the video content as well as from the other Christians who are using these platforms to strengthen their relationship with Jesus.

As Lehman notes, “The hope is to share the timeless message of Jesus in a way that connects with the people and culture of today.”

Your Time of Grace complements the television, print, and online offerings of Time of Grace. It also targets a younger audience, which consumes information primarily on smartphones and tablets.

Your Time of Grace’s devotions, which launched in January, are hosted by a group of WELS pastors that includes Ben Blumer, Jon Enter, Mike Novotny, Jared Oldenburg, and Dave Scharf.

Blumer says that his goal “is to share the message of Jesus in a way that is understandable and engaging. As I do that, I hope to use words and examples that relate to people of all different backgrounds and familiarity with the Bible. I hope that they can take something from the devotion that will be a blessing for their day.”

Lehman encourages those who are looking for daily encouragement from God’s Word to start their day with Your Time of Grace. He adds, “This is also a great tool for people to use to share Christ with their friends who might be too nervous to walk into a church. Sharing the videos with friends like this will give them the opportunity to hear that God’s promise of grace is for them as well. It is a tool designed to meet people where they are in life.”

To subscribe to Your Time of Grace, visit YourTimeofGrace.com or facebook.com/YourTimeofGrace.


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Volume 103, Number 03
Issue: March 2016

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