Submitting a memorial

  • Policy Number & Title
  • COP0050 – Memorials for synod convention
  • Effective Date & Revision History
  • October 2011

Section 3.20 of the WELS Bylaws states:  “All matters to come before the convention shall be presented in writing and/or electronically to the president by a deadline determined by the president and the vice presidents.  They shall also determine which of these matters are to be included in the Book of Reports and Memorials to the convention, a copy of which shall be made available to each congregation, pastor, and male teacher of the synod, and to each lay delegate.”

Memorials shall be dealt with according to the following procedure:

  1. Notice shall be given to the synod that memorials are to be submitted to the president’s office in writing.
  2. Memorials may be submitted by synodical entities (boards, commissions, and other duly constituted groups), congregations, circuits, conferences or districts.  The memorial shall be signed by the chairman and secretary of these entities.
  3. Memorials may also be submitted by individuals.  In this case, no more than three signatures may accompany the memorial.
  4. Anyone wishing to lend individual support to a memorial may do so by expressing such support in writing to the convention floor committee assigned to deal with the memorial.
  5. A deadline shall be announced for submission of memorials that will appear in the Book of Reports and Memorials.    A second deadline shall be announced which applies to memorials that are submitted after the deadline for inclusion in the Book of Reports and Memorials.
  6. Memorials received after the first deadline and before the second deadline, if deemed appropriate for convention consideration, are referred to as “unpublished memorials” and are made available to delegates in writing and to the synod’s constituents electronically prior to the convention.
  7. The synod praesidium will determine which memorials are to be forwarded to the convention.  Memorials containing factual errors or subject matter deemed inappropriate for consideration by the convention will be rejected returned to the author(s) with an explanation for the rejection.  If time allows, corrected memorials may be submitted to the praesidium for reconsideration.

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