Meet the editorial staff: Schroer

Meet the editorial staff: Pastor Andrew Schroer

Rachel Hartman

If you ask Pastor Andrew Schroer what he is thankful for, he has a long list. After God’s full and free forgiveness and his family, Schroer notes, “I am thankful for Texas winters, a church family who supports me, Netflix, Uno games, and trips to the park.”

In fact, he recently penned a book on gratitude. Titled “364 Days of Thanksgiving,” the devotional journal, which was released in November 2015, focuses on finding happiness in God’s blessings.

Schroer resides in Edna, Texas, where he serves Redeemer Lutheran Church. He also writes a weekly column for the local newspaper. “It’s a free space to share God’s Word,” he notes.

The column is syndicated, and is published in a number of newspapers in Texas. Schroer’s writing also appears on his blog,, which he updates twice a week.

Prior to graduating from the Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in 1999, Schroer spent his vicar year serving in the city of Monterrey, Mexico. There he met Clariza, a member of the Lutheran congregation in Monterrey, who became his wife.

After graduating, Schroer was assigned to help with mission efforts in Miami, Fla. He first went to Mexico City for a year with his wife, Clariza, where he served on a mission team and processed the paperwork needed for Clariza to come and live in the United States.

Once in Florida, Schroer participated in outreach work related to what is now Divine Savior. In 2003 he took a call to serve in Edna, Texas, which is located halfway between the cities of Houston and Corpus Christi.

During his time at Redeemer Lutheran Church, Schroer has helped develop a Spanish speaking ministry in the area. Since 2009, the church has held Spanish services on a regular basis.

In addition to his writing and congregational ministry, Schroer helps out with editing and translating work for Multi-Language Publications, which publishes Biblical material in foreign languages. He and Clariza often work together on Spanish-related projects.

While his various roles keep Schroer’s schedule full, he carves out downtime to spend with loved ones. “Free time is for the family,” he explains. He and Clariza have been blessed with two children. Their daughter, age 11, is involved in ballet and piano, and their son, age seven, enjoys the piano and sports.

In the upcoming year, Schroer plans to focus his writing efforts for Forward in Christ on current events. “I want to look at what’s happening in our world today, both in general and especially in entertainment and social media,” he notes. “I want to look at these happenings and explain what the Bible says about them.”


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Author: Rachel Hartman
Volume 103, Number 01
Issue: January 2016

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