Let your light shine: Jared Stuebs

In the spirit of Matthew 5:16, we’re sharing examples of people who live their faith.

The Lord works in mysterious ways. For Jared Stuebs, his witnessing for Christ began with him singing in the shower.

Stuebs started his basic combat training for the Wisconsin National Guard in March 2015. While he showered, he would sing hymns, such as “Were You There.” His fellow soldiers heard his frequent praises, saw his faith in action, and gained a curiosity about Christ.

Stuebs began Bible studies in the evenings for all who wanted to join him. This started after Stuebs’ dad sent him the book A Ready Defense by Josh McDowell. A member of his platoon was interested in what he was reading and would come to Stuebs’ bunk almost every other night to learn more. Before long, other men became fascinated as well, so Stuebs began introducing them to the book of Galatians. As the group grew, Stuebs asked his parents to send him Bibles. On a good night, Stuebs would have as many as 13 to 20 people in his Bible study.

One day, Stuebs’ drill sergeant called him over to speak with him. The sergeant proceeded to shake Stuebs’ hand and thank him for having the Bible studies because it boosted the group’s morale.

“I’ve always been one to not be afraid to share my faith,” Stuebs says. “I know it’s not me doing it. It’s the Holy Spirit working through me.”

Stuebs is currently a member of the military police in the Wisconsin National Guard and attends Mount Olive, Appleton, Wis.

Gabriella Moline



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Author: Gabriella Moline
Volume 104, Number 1
Issue: January 2017

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