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Adult Discipleship offers LIVE online Bible studies for use by congregations, small groups, or individuals to serve as a mid-week Bible study. Gather at your church or around the computer to join in fellowship and learn about the Bible with brothers and sisters in faith from around the country.

Daniel Habben, pastor at St. John, St. John’s, Antigua, led the most recent interactive faith Bible study in January. Entitled “Isaiah: God confronts and comforts his people,” the study will cover the first 12 chapters of Isaiah. “ ‘A virgin will be with child . . . and he was pierced for our transgressions.’ Seven hundred years before the arrival of God’s Son into our world, the Holy Spirit worked especially hard through the prophet Isaiah to get the people of his day to turn from their sin and embrace their Savior-God,” says Habben. “Through the words of Isaiah, God still confronts and comforts his people.”

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