In 2017, Ecuador was identified by the Latin America mission team as a promising country for outreach through Academia Cristo. To take advantage of the doors the Lord was opening, two Latin American missionaries relocated to Quito, Ecuador, in 2018. One of the main contributing factors to the decision was the large number of Facebook users in Ecuador who follow Academia Cristo online. The location in Ecuador also puts missionaries closer to other countries in South America where WELS can’t permanently locate a missionary for safety or political reasons, but where interest in the gospel message has been demonstrated through active use of the Academia Cristo online program.

During the past several years, God has blessed the efforts of Academia Cristo in Ecuador. Leaders trained by Academia Cristo are gathering groups in Quito and Guayaquil. The Latin America mission team has set up Academia Cristo office space in the nation’s capital. The country also continues to serve as a strategic hub for travel to other nearby countries. Currently, there are five Latin America missionaries, one Multi-Language Productions staff person, and a Latin America mission digital and field assistant serving in Quito.

Fast Facts

  • Academia Cristo mobile app finishers: 150
  • Academia Cristo active students: 16
  • Academia Cristo students gathering groups: 3

Praying for Ecuador

Please pray for our missionaries and staff as they live and work in Ecuador. With the Lord’s blessing and the Holy Spirit at work in the heart of Ecuadorians, we pray that the church-planting movement in Ecuador will bear fruit so more and more Latin Americans can be brought to faith. 


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